Friday, July 31, 2015

have I already written one called Happy Place?

Last week was our longest stretch in San Elijo - we were so lucky to snag 5 nights in an oceanfront site during my two week summer break!

And by we I of course mean *I* snagged it, who ever said that obsessive compulsion doesn't pay off?
Happy Place!
Five nights, ahhhh. We took our time setting up The Camp of Dreams, then got right down to the business of leisure.

The kids had a rotation of comings and goings, Bill and I each had to drive peeps to or fro at one point, but for the most part we were able to kick back and bask in the glory of our happy spot. I mean Happy Spot.

The girls wanted to go out at sunset to capture the money shots

this? is the money shot?
 My girl was hoping for something more along the lines of how she looked 10 seconds after this:

oops. I did not nail it.
and it was pretty flat out there, so I stood for a long time watching her do this:

which was really boring
Better luck tomorrow, honey!

We all slept well in our respective habitats

Girls slept here

Boys slept here

I slept here

love my westy view

brekkie before Beth came and stole her girl from us.
We loved having the kids' friends with us, but also enjoyed our family night toward the end of the week.

Another day, another girlfriend
# hair
Oh, here's a funny - see that bandage on my girl's foot? It's covering an exponentially smaller wound. But she told all of her friends that a shark bit her, and offered this photo as proof:

Dude was just standing in knee deep water catching these fuckers!
On our last night, we were determined to go back out for the money shot


look at my baby out there. swoon!
I should crop it to zoom, but I can't bear to lose a single inch
Our final fire, last night
It's official.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Who needs pin the tail on the donkey?!

My girl had a birthday this month. She actually spent many hours of it traveling from San Diego to DC. She'd never been to DC before and was worried that they wouldn't have a 7/11. Because everyone knows that on July 11th, 7/11 gives away free slurpees. And for my girl, born as she is on 7/11, with the moniker Slurpee Simonsen, which Jacquie bestowed upon her the very day of her birth, it is an important stop.

But you all know that she needn't have worried....

Problem solved. (Note hat too.)
Now all she needs is a birthday party.

It had to wait until the next weekend, after her return, and although it did not include free slurpees, it did include this:

Oh dear, you are WAY behind!
You've got something on your face, honey.

Pointy bossy pants!

Go Slurpee!

Excellent form, R!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Wish You Were Here

I wish you were here this summer.

I wish you were here with us at Ocean Beach:

It's quite spectacular.

I also wish you were here . . . 

. . . to spy on weddings with us.

Spying on weddings is fun; you'd love it.

I wish you were here for all the fun at Ocean Beach, because the fun never stops.

I wish you were here for the Farmers' Market . . .

. . . because? The Farmers' Market. And Cara.

I wish you were here for the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center . . .

. . . and the Waterford Beach concert nights . . . hey! There's Victoria!

I wish you were here on my deck  . . .

. . . well, if you can get by the flora.

. . . and if you can get by the flora, I wish you were here for the meals.

But most of all, I wish you were here For those quintessential Mistah Schleckah moments:

Wish You Were Here.