Monday, February 27, 2017


We had a couple of friends visiting us last week.

Just casual, run-of-the-mill, ordinary acquaintances with whom we are deeply, fully and madly in love.

We've known Renee for years now but her boy?

This kid?

Well, we just met him but our love fest with him was fast and furious.

He arrived full of bruises and brawn . . .

 . . . and that impassive stare. And we stared right back.

This is Orion's and my go-to position.
This is also a photo taken on the train but that is a story for next week. Stay tuned.

Oh wait, here we are again already. In our go-to-position.

After a day or two of fun hither and yon, we took the young lad out to Watch Hill . . .

. . . one of his mom's favorite spots . . .

. . . and now one of O's favorite spots.

Say hi to Auntie Tay-Tay, honey.

He filled his own being with sand, and he filled his mom's being with sand . . .

. . . but that's what happens when you're a fruit bat.

At least the kid appears in this selfie . . .

. . . most of our selfies look like this.

Then the weekend arrived and our young friend posed for formal studio shots . . .

No he didn't. He got in bed with us and Mistah did that magic photography stuff.

Then those two fast friends went exploring in The Field since the glacier had finally melted.

I stayed in bed and took crooked photos out the window.

Hi Schleckie! Hi Orion!

Part of our ongoing Christina series . . . 

I mean, seriously. This kid . . .

He falls a lot but he doesn't care; he's built low to the ground . . .

. . . see?

We were in our go-to-position but the boy heard Uncle Billy's voice and all bets were off . . .

. . . because, as you know, everybody needs a wingman.

Yes, it's February. Yes, I was outside with bare feet . . .

. . . yes the plants were on the deck . . .

. . . yes, it was Spring for a day.

The go-to-position!

And then? Party Time.

Orion just devours The New Yorker.

The kid makes friends with everybody. Especially Mumsies with stores of corn bread.

Hey, what's 85 years between two friends?

It was a visit for the ages, I tell you.

And we miss them like crazy.

Friday, February 24, 2017

loaves and fishes

I learned the basics of cooking by watching my mom in our yellowish brown 70s kitchen with the mushroom wallpaper under the shadow of giant decorative wooden spoons. There were 8 of us around the ol' oval, in our assigned seats with a schedule for shared nightly clean up duty. There was always plenty, although I didn't really like anything back in the day (sorry mom, I like everything now. except for disgusting things that shall not be named). We helped ourselves and eventually passed any uneaten portions over to Dad for finishing. 8 is a big group for dinner. The only time I cook for 8 these days is on Thanksgiving or Easter. In my kitchen, it's almost always dinner for 3. 

And yet:

If it was a standard sauce pan, this would make sense. It's a Le Creuset dutch oven. 
I shared the photo above with my mom and sisters last week, and commented that I never learned to cook for 3. Julie responded with a photo of a similar status. We Coreys cook bigly. 

Having learned nothing, the very next day I made meatballs:

For all of Italy
I actually thought about putting some meatballs in the freezer for another time, but then this happened:

Not pictured: side of pepperoncini, spicy dill pickle, lays potato chips, sugar snap peas 
We feasted on meatballs for a couple of days. They were really good, and I did put a dozen or so in the freezer.

We were not, however, making an adequate dent in that massive stir fry. I brought it for lunch 2 days, I sent it in Clara's thermos one day, and still there was more. I am a huge fan of leftovers, and often find that the food builds flavor after a couple of days in its own juices, but at least 50% of my kids do not agree and turn their fool nose at the choice of meatballs (again) or stir fry (again) for dinner last night.

I had an idea for a solution, though. I tend to hoard take out containers, and often rinse them for reuse before sending them off to the recycling gods. So I warmed up and boxed some lefties, complete with a fork, and handed them out my window to a very thankful guy who was asking for help on one of the corners that I drive by aprox 235 times a day.

It was a great solution! Win-win, man. I don't know if I've told you this, but despite the very catholic reference in the title of this post, I happen to have a stereotypical Jewish bubbe in me whose greatest pleasure is to know that people enjoy eating food that I've prepared. It is most profound when the eater is of my own bloodline, but really it works for anyone as evidenced by the little whoop I gave when I looked in my rearview to see homeboy digging in to the stir fry right there on the corner. I remembered with glee that I had taken some soup out of the freezer on a recent rainy day, forgetting that it was a solid chunk of arctic matter and that although our bad weather was making national news headlines, it would only be a few hours before the sun poked back out and soup no longer sounded like the thing that anyone wanted. 

Therefore, the next morning: 

Warmed up and ready to eat! The gentleman I handed these to passed one to his friend and said "Thank you, Miss Lady"
Another win-win. I'm really going to work on getting better at assessing portion sizes throughout the cooking process, because although I really like the solution I found, it isn't a practical plan for a family on a budget. I need to buy less, cook less, consume less, and waste less.


Here's what went into the crock pot for dinner:

Now if this were a mini crock pot....

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Art & Asana

So, we at The House of Yogi have been hosting an Art & Asana Instagram Challenge this month. It wasn't super successful in terms of the number of people participating, but wow, there were some phenomenal shots posted with the #thoyartasana hashtag. Really cool stuff. Check it out for yourself if you like:

I, being in charge of daily social media postings, had a lot of fun with it, and also had to come up with quite a few photos to post. Many of the studio teachers sent us a photo or two, but there are 28 days in this month, so I employed my people for some of the shots. Shown below:

Santa Fe Modified Star Pose
OB Bending Tree Pose
Ocean Beach Full Barrel Full Wheel Pose
Half Pint Half Moon
Belly Up Upside Down
Kauai Swimming With Whales Warrior 3
Bo Beau Bow Pose

Kauai Juice (Crooked) Birds of Paradise

Monday, February 20, 2017

In My Eternal Quest to Make Everybody Feel Better . . .

. . . here are some February clouds.

Gorgeous, right?

Gorgeous clouds on a gorgeous February day.

Okay, okay. Maybe they weren't quite as dramatic as June clouds . . .

. . . because June clouds are pretty stinkin' spectacular.

. . . but so are November clouds . . .

. . . in 2013 . . .

 . . . and in 2016.

Okay, November clouds may win.

But what about penis clouds?

Or Christmas Day clouds?

Or 50th birthday clouds? They're pretty sensational, too . . .

. . . and those Cape Cod Bay clouds . . .

February clouds, though?

February clouds are the clouds over my head today, and therefore they are my favorite clouds.

And they always, always make me feel better.