Saturday, March 27, 2010

Weekend 3-Way: room with a view

For this weekend's 3-way, post a photo and tell us about what you see when you look out the window of your workplace.


I love my window. I've worked at the same place for exactly forever plus four days, and while the inside of my office is a veritable chunk of dookie, there is quite a lovely world just outside. A few years back, some interior design peeps from up on the hill came in to set me up with new office furnishings. The result was lovely and efficient, but the ginormous custom desk was created in an L shape that left my back to the window. I hated it, and it weighed on me like a ton of bricks. One day I decided that I'd had enough, and I tore that office a new a-hole, finally manhandling my giant desk into a new configuration. (I blogged about it, but I'm currently too addled to elicit the search terms that will lead me to that post). Since that day, I face the front door and just to my left, my thinking gaze leads me to the loveliest of visions:

My window. My tree. And yes, my car. Talk about your feng shui.

Such a braggart, Jacquie, geez! No wonder you've worked their forevah. My view is not so inspiring, not at all.

And the window does not open, not even a little bit -- no fresh air in this workplace. Although I do, like you, look right out at my very own car, and therefore could produce a very good description of anyone trying to rip it off (stop laughing, I'm sure someone would steal a 9-year-old Jeep).

I've also seen some interesting domestic squabbles through that window, taking place down in that apartment building parking lot. But in general the view above remains unpopulated, like the photo displays. The sidewalk out there is little used, and even road is just the exit from the back parking lot to the street.

It's about as interesting as the neurological article I'm currently copyediting....

This is actually a view looking in, but you can see the reflection of the street, because it was taken by my super-duper photographist husband, Mistah:

Usually there are lots of man-boys on skateboards riding up and down the street, and the most adorable little family hanging outside of their gallery. And the tattoo boys hanging outside their tattoo shop. It's a bucolic lovely little slice of urban heaven. And there's beer inside.


Pat said...

since I am retired I don't really have a place of "work" but I do have a lovely desk where I spend time on the computer. The view is priceless (as Beth and Ellie know)--a vast expanse of Tampa Bay with the Sunshine Skyway Bridge (that leads south to Sarasota and ultimately to Key West) in the distance. The view is interrupted only by a multitude of exotic birds, dolphins, manatees, fish of all kinds, an occasional fishing boat, kayak or two and the every present semi-abandoned sailboat that faithfully records the direction of the wind at all times

Me, You, or Ellie said...

How lovely Pat! I love that I know all 3 of all y'alls' views.


Anonymous said...

I just see sky out my home office windows unless I stand, walk over to them and look down and who wants to do that?


martyjoco said...

I work for the man. I work in a beige cave. I have no window. My office is half-underground; there are windows on the other side of the building. If I stand up and no one has closed the venetian blinds in the conference room, I can see over the cubicles, past the kitchenette and into the courtyard to maybe be able to tell if it is night or day. I covet your views. Especially Ellie's.