Monday, February 28, 2022


Around these parts, it's Winter.

Winter is long and Winter is not always easy, but let's face it, Winter is part of Life. Around these parts at least. Although I used to hate winter with a deep abiding passion, well, now I accept it. Because for the love of pete's sake, what am I supposed to do? Wish my life away? 

I'm against that.

Plus? Outerwear.

Although I still don't own boots, I now have a parka.

  A Parka. With a capital P.

Winter is *all* about the outer layers, 'round these parts.

Hmm, some have cuter outerwear than others . . . 

. . . well, some are just cute no matter what.

See comment about "cute" above . . .

. . . ditto . . . 

. . . ditto redux.

Hey Mistah, where's your Parka?

There he is.

If it weren't for Winter we wouldn't have sap running . . .   

. . . and sugar flowing . . . 

. . . or whatever they call the monochromatic hocus pocus science nature witchcraft they do every year that results in pure joy.

I'm just glad we get to attend . . . 

. . . and admire the outerwear . . . 

. . . get a glimpse of the hardware . . . 

. . . and sometimes both.

Monday, February 21, 2022

Blog Ideas

I didn't have an idea for today, so I googled "blog ideas," and now I have a lot of ideas. 

• Self improvement / personal development (how you overcame some obstacle or started a new habit, and what you learned)

    Yeah, no.

• Health & fitness for busy people

    Yeah, no.

• Learning a new language

    No, I'm too dumb.

 Animal rescue

    I'm not a dog person.

• Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, etc.)


• Working in uncommon fields of expertise while location independent

    That's mumbo-jumbo corporate speak.

 Recipes for couples without children

    Recipes for what?

• Body-weight training

    Where's the interesting stuff?

• Disc golf

    Oh, there it isn't.

• How to be a good friend

    Be kind, duh.

• How to train for a triathlon

    Ohmygod, who wrote this list?

• Mind strengthening (mind over matter/ lucid dreaming)

    I dream vividly; I'll get back to you.

• Beyond the basics of personal financial management

    Don't spend more than you make.

• Healthy eating during times of stress

    Eat carrots.

• Ghost-hunting

    Why would you want to hunt a ghost?

• Self defense training (“for women” or “for children” or “for business executives”)

    Why "the parentheses"?

• Indie video game development

    Oh, *now* we're talking. Right up my alley. 

• Video game tactics shown through video tutorials

    I was kidding.

• Starting and running your own social network

    There are already enough.

• Point and shoot photography (how to create incredible photographs with your phone or whatever camera you have in your pocket)

    I'm a terrible photographist; talk to the Mistah.

• How to write an e-bestseller (documenting the process of creating an Amazon Kindle bestseller.)

    This has never happened.

• Rapid language learning for moving abroad

    See "I'm too dumb" above.

• How to become a better writer

    Read more.

• Modern vegan diets


• Urban commuting by bicycle

    I call it, simply, "riding my bike to work."

• Interior design on a budget

    Buy your friends' art.

• How to become a famous rockstar online

    Okay, finally a good one.

• Speaking in public (how to overcome the fear of the audience, minimal approaches to presentations, etc.)


 Learning the Ukulele and other less common instruments

    Oooh yes. I wanna learn.

• How to win arguments without losing friends

    Buy the house a round.

• Becoming a wine connoisseur or sommelier

    Make stuff up about vanilla and blueberries and hints of chocolate.

• Build a custom boat and cross the Pacific in it


 Getting good at tennis and qualifying for tournaments

    Watch King Richard instead.

• Windsurfing
• Stand-up paddle boarding

    But first get rich enough to afford the equipment

• End of the world prophecies throughout time
    Now this one I can get my head around. But first you'll need cardboard and a sharpie.

• Car maintenance for non-gearheads

    Okay fine, I like this one.

• Running a small agile business 

    Agile? Really?

• Inspired bootstrappers 

    I do need a new pair of boots.

Wow, now I have so many ideas . . . I think maybe two?

Okay everybody. Get out your tennis racquet, wax up your paddle board, and sharpen your sharpies. Let's get on our bikes and rescue doggies . . . and start blogging about it. 

And don't forget your golf frisbee.

Monday, February 14, 2022

Super Snack Bowl LVI

Get a load of this spread, wouldja?
(Please excuse the chicken bones.)

We had ourselves a feast

But the best part of all? . . . 

. . . we got to see our peeps.

And how we love those peeps of ours.

We had delicious beverages . . .

. . . and gorgeous course after gorgeous course . . . 

. . . including obligatory wings from New London . . . 

. . . and pretend we took a photo of my world-famous chili with its accompanying avocado and red onions and cheddar and cilantro. It was delish, I promise.

But the best part of all . . . 

. . . what a joy to be with My Girl Nancy.

Thanks for the lovely time in your lovely home, dudes.

And thanks for those killer snacks.

Monday, February 7, 2022


For all intensive purposes -- which is my favorite malapropism of all time -- Hygienic Art XLIII was a huge success.

Mistah and I? We stayed home and looked at our own art.

But, man, look at this year's posters . . . 

And look at this sampling -- photos thanks to the Hygienic's social media pages:

"Cheetah Rhythm" by our young friend Greta

Glorious, that's what art is. 

It's humanity's gift to itself.