Monday, February 24, 2020

Sandy Eggo

I'm here . . .

. . . and I may never leave . .

. . . I mean, why would I?

We're talking and laughing and singing -- in pretty great harmony, I might add -- and eating and drinking and laughing and crying and resting and planning and watching things and trying to figure out Life.

And, ohmygod, singing.

And, really, what else is there?

Except for missing Mistah and my peeps . . . seriously . . .

. . . what else is there?

Monday, February 17, 2020


One million years ago, during our years on the road, we needed to pack it up and leave Gold Head state park and head for the hills and so I made dinner from all the lefties in the fridge . . .

Yes, we had a tiny refrigerator we carted around the country and plugged in when electricity was available. Of course we did.

I made Swiss cheese, pepperoncini, and sweet potato quesadillas.

And they were amazing.

They were so good that we bought the ingredients and made them -- willingly! -- again. Million dollar idea, right there.

You're welcome.

Flash forward to, well, yesterday, when we had nothing in the Frigidaire -- as Denise's Grandma Trudel called the icebox -- but I did have a bag of broccoli florets in the freezer that you can be sure had been used as an ice pack. And grated cheddar. And veggie burgers. Because, always always veggie burgers in the freezer.

I cooked the VBs, chopped them up, mixed them with the broccoli and cheese and red onion and . . .

. . . voilĂ . Pure brilliance.

They were preceded, of course, by an appetizer of every other thing we had in the Frigidaire spooned out into tiny little dishes . . .

. . . also purely brilliant.

And that was preceded earlier in the weekend by a Valentine's Night movie date with some of my favorite Galentines . . .

. . . (my other favorite Valentine took the photo. Natch.)

And then we all went to a charming piazza in Italy and basked in the sun . . .

. . . no we didn't. That's a pizza box. Mistah photographed it in the sun. It looks like it would be lovely there, though, doesn't it?

Right. I need to go to the grocery store.

Monday, February 10, 2020

Bulbous and Irregular

There are so many things that are bulbous and irregular in this world ...

I beg of you, do not look up that combination of words online -- the results are not good.

photo cred: stolen
Okay, wait, fruits and veggies are okay . . . 

photo cred: julie

. . . as is Julie's shallot . . .

. . . but the many photos of noses online you should not look up are not.

But mostly I mean philosophically, emotionally and intellectually, it's a bulbous and irregular world. For example:

The movie fest at the Garde? It's amazing. But every movie is bulbous. I volunteer to become an editor and cut every movie by 30 minutes.

You're welcome.

And irregular?

There are irregular heart beats, irregular trouser sizes, irregular verbs, irregular galaxies, irregular employment . . .

. . . and then there's me talking to Jacquie on the phone yesterday.
Hi Schnook!

Here's to bulbous and irregular.

And here's to the absence thereof.

Monday, February 3, 2020

Eat, Drink, Cook

You know how some people Eat, Pray, Love? Well, we don't.
We Eat, Drink, Cook. All the ding-dong day yesterday.

I was making chili for the Superb Bowl, because, of course. So I took the opportunity to make soup stock. And then I found red potatoes in the fridge so in they went, and then, since the oven was already on?

Jennie-inspired roasted broccoli rabe.

I know.

Wait, let me show you.

Welcome to my kitchen.

What was it I said? Oh yes . . .

I was making chili for the Super-Duper Bowl . . .

. . . so I took the opportunity to make soup stock . . .

. . . and then I found six wee red potatoes so roasted them . . .

. . . and since the oven was already on? Jennie-inspired roasted broccoli rabe . . .

. . . I know.

We ate the whole pan.

Here's the "after" of the potatoes, which we ate from the pan with toothpicks. Okay, I did.

We ate that whole pan too.

And here is part of the "Drink" part, although we were drinking neither Captain's Daughter nor any Grey Sail brewing beer, although their brewery is really fun.

We Ate, we Drank, we Cooked. We had a wonderful time with our wonderful friends and then we went to bed.

The End.