Friday, January 30, 2015

Gravity defying

No storm Juno hit here, there is no snow to shovel, and spring is actually right around the corner, so I've got no interesting weather-related news to share with you.

But don't worry, we don't get bored here in San Diego, with our near constant mild weather. No, we find all sorts of things to keep us busy.

My kids don't need snow for snowmen making, cause they have me for Cindy Lou Who makeovers

I think this one is the closest yet....

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Right Around The Corner

Hmmmmm, what shall we talk about today?

Oh, I know!


Sigh . . . only kidding.

I mean, we could talk about summer . . .

. . . we should talk about summer . . .

. . . but what good would that do us, really?

We had a bit of a snowdump here in New London on Monday and Tuesday . . .

. . . New London -- aka Storm Central.

And the intrepid Mistah Schleckah took a walk out into it . . .

Oh, hello Car . . . 

Hello Fire Hydrant . . .

Hello Montauk Avenue . . . 

Hello Adorable Shoveling Stranger . . . 

Hello Subie . . . 

Hello Deck . . . 

Oh, hello, Mistah!

I let Mistah do the trudging . . .

. . . while my view, on the other hand, was out this very window.
All. Day. Long.

And then, at 10 p.m., miraculously, the snow plow came by.
Hello, Snow Plow Man!

Oh dear.

Yesterday, though? The snow stopped falling, I returned to my usual walk downtown, and in the afternoon, I had the sun to accompany me on my walk back home . . .

A plowed sidewalk is a rare and lovely treat for a pedestrian . . .

Whoopsie! Sometimes those plowed sidewalks end abruptly.

I'll be walking down the middle of the road for the next few months.

Oh, it may look pretty, but I have just two words to describe those pretty icicles to you:

Bad. Attic. Insulation.

But finally? Our home.

It's really tragic that our new shovel is buried on our deck . . .

. . . but no worries . . .

. . . Summer is right around the corner.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


A couple of days ago, I went back to Rome.

I know, I know. Not really. But in my head? It was so great to be there.

I've been missing my mom and suffering from severe wanderlust lately.

I uploaded some photos from the posts I shared about our days in Rome,  (one two three), and they were automatically organized alphabetically. Why not?  At least 2 of my 3 followers are snowed in today, and I think they'll enjoy this nostalgiche, si?


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Greetings from New York

I know that this is getting SO old. I was not going to post about this anymore, but, well, I just feel the need to share after yesterday's mail.

First off, my mystery pen pal IS who I suspected he was. And he's done with postcards it seems. He's sending letters now, with his name and return address included on the envelope. Hi Gregory!

If you recall, he told me in his last postcard that he was moving to New York.

It appears that he has done so. This is the envelope postmarked December 30th.

The letter let me know why he moved (his dad was transferred), and reminded me that I "order my lunch very quickly, to take back to your office so that you could get your job done and go home." It also talked more about the old days, who all had worked here over the years, went over his routines and mine, and wished me a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Not really blog worthy, but nice to finally know for sure who was writing me.

But yesterday I received a small package from Gregory.

With another similar if slightly longer letter.

The content was similar, although there was a lot more mention of my "husband" who works in the adjacent building. Ironically he asks if I know Denise, who also works in that building, and who, (if you've known me for any length of time, you already know that she) is the woman that my "husband" trashed our marriage for. Ah Gregory, you have no idea! I DO know Denise. Gregory hopes both my "husband" and I will still be working here when he visits in August, and he signs off with "Enjoy your 2015."

But oddly the package also included all this:

He still likes casinos!

I'm not exactly sure what to make of it, but I do now know where to go play keno if I'm in Verona, New York and where to score a hand dipped vanilla milkshake when in Evans Mills. Plus I'm betting the boots are on sale right now at the DSW in Watertown.

 Lastly, there was this:

I have a feeling he'd like me to choose and mail it back to him. If I mailed it today, it might make it back before the big game, but I'm thinking that wouldn't be a very good idea.