Saturday, March 28, 2009

weekend 3-way: headlines

I keep my finger on the pulse of the universe through my yahoo homepage. I view regularly updated headlines that feed my desire to stay in the know, but just barely. I sometimes click on those headlines to get the full story, but just as often digest the tidbit without further ado.

My top sources for this well rounded knowledge of current world news and events are: CNN, Health News from Reuters, and, of course, E!

There are other pages up front there that I regularly look at, including recipe of the day (snowpeas with toasted almonds), local weather (74), word of the day (admittance), NYT books, and tv/movie listings. But the headlines are what we will talk about for this weekend’s 3-Way.

From whatever source you look at headlines online, find one you want to click through and do so. Then come back and tell us about it.


It's ironic, really. After writing this intro yesterday, I kept checking my regular headlines for something inspiring, but eventually wound up searching elsewhere. In the process, I've added NPR headlines to my homepage, which is chock full of interesting tidbits! Like this:

Dairies Strive To Go Green

I was drawn to this story because we have seen this cycle of poo to power in action! The pumpkin patch we visit every fall is on a dairy farm here in San Diego, and your visit includes the chance to take a tractor ride around the property and see (and smell) a lot of cows, as well as their methane producing poop house. I can't help but imagine the possibilities in my own poop house.. between the 4 of us, the 2 lizards, 1 hamster and 1 dog, we produce a lot of poop that is just going to waste! We could power the nation! Who's with me?

Forget all that fluff - why did I not know about this? I'm going to see about finding a better publicist for the earth:

Earth Hour

I'm going to do this tonight. My boy will surely perish. What on earth will we do with ourselves? Will report back tomorrow. Who's with me?

Here’s the BBC news headline I couldn’t resist: “Chinese 'find' radioactive ball”

I immediately conjured up a mental image of a group of Chinese youth picking up a glowing orb, but let’s hope they did not, because this “ball” is thought to be Caesium-137 (a radioactive isotope formed via nuclear fusion), encased in lead.

Apparently even the smallest amount of Caesium-137 can cause infertility, cancer, and even death. Joy!

The article goes on to say that there are approximately 30 cases of radioactive material being lost every year in China. Makes you want to book a flight and go visit, doesn’t it?

It also makes you wonder how much longer they’ll need to enforce their strict One Child Policy. Their careless industrial safety practices just might solve the problem.


From Yahoo! Sports: Sooners cruise; UNC stomps Zags; L'ville wins big; Champs ousted.

Translation: Oklahoma beat Syracuse, North Carolina beat Gonzaga, Louisville beat Arizona, and Michigan State beat the defending champions Kansas.

Oklahoma, North Carolina, Louisville and Michigan State join Connecticut, Missouri, Pittsburgh and Villanova in the Elite Eight, which I’ve taken to calling the Great Eight, which starts today. UConn vs. Mizzou, 4:40 p.m. Eastern time.

I was half-watching the games while in various and sundry bars, listening to various and sundry bands. Oh, and eating at Raider’s Roost with our friends Dawn and Tommy. Oh, and drinking, Large quantities. In every place I went. So while I don’t think any of the games last night were as good as the Thursday night games, except maybe the Michigan State game, well, I can’t really be sure.

Go Huskies.


Big Ten country said...

another basketball translation would be

"Big East shows itself to be a great conference this year, contrary to what some pundits said earlier in the year"

My brackets busted so, "go MICHIGAN STATE" :-D

Colleen (Chapel Hill Girl) said...

Carolina basketball is just so amazing that the games the team plays end up being boring and you feel sorry for the other guys. I mean really, should a team who made it to the sweet 16 really get beat 98-77? No, I don't think so.

Go 'Heels.

Me, You, or Ellie said...

That's going to be a great game, Colleenie-Girl. I LOVE watching games when I'm not excrutiatingly, unbearably nervous...

Aunt Ellie