Monday, June 23, 2014


A good time was had by all yesterday, or at least by everyone except the drunk girl next to me who fell asleep mid-concert then later mistakenly stole another girl's purse and was eventually escorted out by the guys in the red coats. But who wants to think about that?

I want to focus on the positive.

Yoga with this guy.

Jacquie may or may not have a slew of additional Soulshine photos for you tomorrow....


jacquie said...

My boyfriend is sooooo cute and tall. swoon.

I never knew how the purse-gate mystery resolved itself! My last input on the matter was to tell mr. red shirt that no I would NOT leave my 2nd row seat to come give a statement, go away little pest.

Great day, great night, great company! My head hurts.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

I love everything about this except for the thief. I do not love the thief. I hate the thief! But I love y'all. And y'all are gorgeous people.

Including your cute and tall boyfriend.

So wait, there was yoga?


jacquie said...

there was yoga! and I would love to write all about it but I'm sooo addled, so beth will get a second chance at first dibs (spoiler alert: we have a photo of the sleeping thief).