Monday, May 18, 2015

It was beautiful.

It was really just so stunningly beautiful. Here's a tiny taste of the beauty, of all that beauty and all that love.

Erin was beautiful.

And Colleen was beautiful.

They were both utterly beautiful.

Julie and Joe were beautiful.

And Julie and John were beautiful.

 Julie's dress was outrageously beautiful.

It was the most beautiful lovefest ever:

My beautiful sister and my beautiful new brother. It was beautiful. We love you. Now get out there and do the Kelley thing.


Julie a/k/a brideykins said...

Wow. Thank you, El. We are still riding the high. What an spectacular weekend! Feeling so blessed to have had so many amazing people gathered for us. You,Ellie Corey, are a superstar. Thank you endlessly for your tireless help. I love you madly.

Beth said...

Wow, honestly breathtaking! Utterly gorgeous. All of you.

Julie and John are both radiant.

And that dress? Definitely outrageously beautiful.

So much love for all you people.


MB said...

Great recap of such a fun, lovely, emotional weekend, El! Love Bill's photos. xo

Pat Kelley said...

It was such a wonderful weekend. From the gathering on Thursday, finally meeting most of Julie's family for pizza. Friday when both sides of the families where finally in town for the big day. The fun at the cook out at Julie and John's house could not have been better. Rain early afternoon, clear by the evening for fun, food and laughter. Not to mention a few songs on the ukulele by John's niece Ella, and then the guitars took over by the fire pit. What an amazing time. Then waiting for the time on Saturday to fly by so we could see the lovely couple in all of their splendor, and boy did we. What a breathtaking site as Julie came into view on her handsome son's arm to meet her prince charming waiting for her with a few tears in his eyes. I know I had a few myself. Not because I was sad, but because I was so happy that the day had finally arrived for this most deserving couple, Julie & John, to finally say their "I do's." Everything went as planned, their heartfelt vows were exchanged and then they were pronounced "Husband & Wife." What a joy. The reception was just as special, with Reese Kelley only sitting out a couple of dances. Then the evening came to a close. No one wanted this very special day to end. But we know that it is just the beginning. Then on Sunday we all got together one last time for a brunch to toast the newlyweds and to bid them a safe journey as they start their new life together on their honeymoon to Croatia. Those who had to head home early missed the pub crawl but what a fun weekend. Julie, your family is such a fun and loving bunch and we know where you get all of your wonderful charisma and charm. And we are all so happy that you are going to be joining our crazy family from Cincy. May God bless all of us today, tomorrow and forever. Love ya all, ME