Friday, June 12, 2015

adventure time

Last Sunday morning, I set my alarm for 6:30 and when it sounded, I started yelling for my girl. My girl has many gifts, she is lovely and kind and funny and smart, just to name a few. Her gifts do not, however, include the ability to rise and shine in the morning. Girlfriend drags her ass. Wonder where she gets that.

Anyway, on this particular morning it wasn't too hard to get her up and going because she had an adventure ahead! Her 8th grade trip. I had hoped to regale you with action packed adventure photos from the outing, but there was something about the images not loading or other, and I have yet to receive the promised photo cd. We will have to be satisfied with these funny moments from the intolerable wait for departure time at Silly O'clock on a Sunday.

This face.

posing for me

losing patience with me

aaaaaand scene

these girls.

these are good girls. they are going to miss seeing each other every day


I hope the cleaning crew was diligent

off they go! bye bye, babies

It was a strangely quiet week.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

High School! Holy Moses.

Love that girl of yours. And her friends are adorbs. And big! Well, a few of them are.

Must be so poignant and heartfelt, seeing them off into the sunset -- er, sunrise -- like that. I'd be a blubbering fool. Natch.

Silly O'Clock!


not a fan of silly-o-clock in Central PA said...

week? wow! we get a 8th grade day trip...but it does involve an ungodly start time of being at school by 5:45am!