Friday, September 25, 2015

uncle merv biffs kaaboo

When Beth mentioned her plan to photograph every band we saw at Kaaboo, I was on board. We were smug in our assurance of upcoming ace in the hole blog fodder. I was more successful than my adorable blogmate, and while perusing the freshly downloaded onstage moments I captured over the course of this epic 3 day musical feast I can't help but ask myself... why? Why didn't I take more photos of the people I was with, the beauty of the venue, the splendor of the clear blue sky? Sigh. I think Uncle Merv biffed it this time.

But if you think I'm not going to take adantage of ace in the hole blog fodder, you must be new here. The volume rivals Ellie's in terms of photo storage in this post, but I'll limit my commentary to captions as a reward for your patience. Behold, my Kaaboo:

8:30am: supplies


First band: Jamestown Revival. LOVE!! 

I called the blond one

Nahko. Hello Abs


Bonnie Rait

Foster the People

scenic interlude

ummmm. Who dat? Dirty Heads, I think

Refreshments interlude

Los Lobos, huge highlight

especially when I got to the very front row

This looks like a big deal

Speaking of abs... No Doubt!

Or is this Dirty Heads?

bow wow wow

Snoop Dogg

Day 2: more Ozomatli! Love these guys

Rodrigo y Gabriela were amazing

Old 97s!!

The Roots, who were disappointing because that weirdo redhead hogged the whole show and was stupid

Tribal Seeds

Counting Crows


Slightly Stoopid? Spoon?

hotel interlude

swag interlude

European outlets?

Accupuncture interlude

Day 3: I don't even know

World's most swank porto potty

Brandi Carlile
I don't even know, you guys. On Sunday I saw Donavon Frankenreiter, OAR, Brandi Carlile, Michael Franti, Trombone Shorty, 311, Ben Harper, and the Killers. I guess I was done taking photos.


love and adore

Ben's biggest fan

Misplaced champagne interlude but yum. and Cheers!
This was a terrible blog post. My deepest apologies, friends. I think I'm still recovering from Kaaboo.


MB said...

What an awesome line-up! Looks like a great time, bloggers! xo

Beth said...

Your first Dirty Heads photo-in-question is indeed the Dirty Heads. The second, I don't think so. I think I took photos for you at, what band was it....I have since deleted them. It was on the Grandview stage on Sat night...Slightly Stoopid, I think!

But where is your Awolnation photo? (Least favorite!) And good ol' Zac Brown? Gotta admit that Devil went down to Georgia was pretty rockin' though.

And to be clear, I AM BEN's BIGGEST FAN ;) Love that man. Great to see him back playing with the Innocent Criminals. I think that is the only performance I saw start to finish. Wish it woulda been 2 hours longer.

And, to be clear, I love this blog post!


Me, You, or Ellie said...

That's a lot of bands! Holy Moses! You two are festival gurus, man. What a line-up! What fun!

I think I dreamed about Brandi Carlisle last night. But why should last night be different from any other night?

Wicked cool. No wonder you needed time to recover.