Friday, August 12, 2016

Chapter Two: I went to New London for 48 hours and all I got was bo-nay

As I was saying, we picked Ellie up in New London and made her drive us to Rhode Island for luncheon with a certain birthday girl. Chapter two of Uncle Mervie's Big Time landed us back in the New of London for a 48 hour romp. 

We kicked things off, as one does, with a coupla smokes on the deck.

Backstory? Only one of the greatest stories I've ever told
Then we whisked ourselves over to OB east for a refreshing beverage on a gorgeous evening.

With our gorgeous peoples.

Is that dress too small? omg.

one and done.

This right here? This is what it's all about. 
Then we were off to the good captain's for a good old fashioned twilight feast.

I mean

How do I look? 
These two are nuthin but trouble, man.

Sorry/not sorry for murdering this guy
I took aprox 400 photos of these duck things
After dinner we retired to the deck, and I don't know what happened but I do know that Ellie and I are definitely taking our show on the road cuz we're that good.

Evil pink wine. I thought I drank the whole bottle, but Bill said he had a sip. Phew!

Ellie and Bill can see very clearly...although that night... wait that's another story
Ay yi yi. It was a big time, alright. The next morning we made Ellie go to work even though she'd taken the day off. Because if she didn't go to work, we couldn't/wouldn't have dreamed of going for lunch at the Dutch!

You can't even tell that she's blind

After a lifesaving meal of grilled cheese, fritos and coke, I had recovered enough to belly up to the bar.

I liked this angle

Bill liked this angle. It's my blog, Bill. Pump the brakes. 
Ellie was joyously sprung early enough to leave with us for an afternoon of sun and fun at the beach. Almost immediately upon arrival, we set forth on a mission to procure souvenirs and dessert at OB Park. Bill had warned us that the gift shop was profoundly awesome....inspirational, even.

It did not disappoint.
Next stop was the ice cream stand, where my girl read the menu board and asked: "What's bonnet?" Pronounced boh-nay. Which obviously then quickly became the best and most frequently used part of our new vernacular.

Bo to the Nay

While his bo-nay held together just fine, her sprinkle cone melted like a polar iceberg, forcing her to use her dress as a napkin. Poor Clara. 

We saved Ocean Beach! (From what?)

Clara had a little nappy boo in side of my awesome new bag. The struggle is real. 
Later that day, we had a rousing round of putt putt. Man, was I good. Breathtaking, really.

So blurry, yet so sassy.
My kids positioned themselves strangely in and about the park.

It was such a fun day! We drove home open style in Westy east

Then retired to the house for a rip roaring party, with guest. Bright and early the next morning, we set off for our next leg of the Connecticut World Tour, but first:
you-know-who in the ledgie loo

It was loud at the train station, as demonstrated by Bill

Bye New London!

Hi Milford!
Still to come:  

Chapter Three: Milford pitstop where laws were broken
Chapter Four: Lesbian Lovefest
Chapter Five: Ennnnn Whyyyyy Ceeeeeeeeee

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Me, You, or Ellie said...

These photos! Those faces!

First of all, The Sounds and Smell of the Sea cleanses *my* Soul, too. I think.

Second of all, why-oh-why didn't we record ourselves singing on the deck until 2 a.m.? We were *that* good.

Third of all, your kids are gigantic giants. We have so many photos of them over the years -- on our deck, at OB East, in the Westy, at the Dutch, smoking butts -- and they used to be so little, and now they are so very big.

Next of all, it looks like laws are already being broken in Milford. Da Dowd's truck looks so fun!

And last of all, "nuthin' but trouble"? Is that any way to talk about your blind sister?

I love this so deeply and so utterly. And now please turn around and come back. Immediately.