Friday, November 25, 2016

thankgiving in the yellow house

I am so thankful to have hosted Thanksgiving this year in my happy yellow house! We were a gathering formed from bits and pieces of various family forms, and I think it was a smashing success even though dinner was late. But dinner is always late so let's not get hung up on that detail, let's look at photos instead! Every single one of these photos was taken and uploaded by my beautiful co-blogger Beth, for whom I have never been more thankful:

I loved finding these treasures in the cabinet, but the knife had no cord. Sorry Aq!


Beth said...

So much fun, Jacqueline! You are most certainly the hostess with the mostest. I'm very impressed with your mad cooking skillz, and your bravery for undertaking a "gathering formed from bits and pieces of various family forms."

Smashing success.

Love you!!


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Beautiful Jacquie, looks like a perfect Thanksgiving..good for you baby girl....What a great looking group...
I'm still loving my Tday week-end, loving being with Ellie and Bill. I miss you guys.
I love you. mom

Me, You, or Ellie said...

A "gathering formed from bits and pieces of various family forms" and how!

I love seeing all the bits and pieces and lovelies -- what a great, happy-looking crew. And what a beautiful table! Gorgeous, Littlest.

I'm straining to see gravy boats but cannot spot. The candles look great though.

Glad it was such a smashing success.

And great photos, Bef!

Love you guys,

Jacquie said...

Ellie please review photo #17, see what's in my left hand? I asked Bill to bring it over, along with the gravy separator which I've since determined is the world's dumbest tool. It's too small and it doesn't do what I expect it to do. I threw the whole operation right into the trash the next day, complete with congealed drippings (don't worry, we had plenty for the gravy).


Me, You, or Ellie said...

There it is! Whaddaya know?

Mumsie gave me a 2-pack of gravy boats after a couple of Thanksgivings of borrowing hers. So although I was sadly bereft, too, I am not anymore.

I do not own nor have I ever used a gravy separator. Of course, I have never made gravy. That's for -- let's see. Over the years? Dave Anderson, Michelle, Erin/Julie. I may be missing someone. But I'm not getting up.

Thank you for the heads up. As you were.