Friday, April 14, 2017

Paume Ressorts

Wanna see my vacation pics? Of course you do, everybody loves it when Uncle Merv shares photos. I just wish  I had an old timey slide machine that we could look at. 

Most of my pictures are of Clara, and I can only assume that she has many photos of me, but I'll never see them because I'm not allowed to be her friend on social media because she's mean. Here's what I gots:

Day 1

This was outside our weird first room. The windows didn't open so we dragged over some plastic chairs and sat on the landing. 

Isn't it a weird room? Late that first night, drunk neighbors enjoyed the plastic chairs that we'd left right outside our door and had a fun party. Jerks. 

We arrived on a Thursday and found a great spot to eat and people watch. We moved over to the counter seating shortly after this adorable photo was taken.

It was village fest! Such a fun spot to walk around and get to know the hood, and our hotel was right over there by that mountain.

This band was amazing! They were mostly kids, their youngest member was 12 and the singer had the most incredible voice. We couldn't leave til they finished

Clara found a boyfriend.
Day 2

We browsed in the gift shop while waiting for our appointed time on the aerial tram. This hat weighed 23 pounds. 

While we weren't exactly dressed for the 45 degree weather, we warmed up with a great hike 

I had a vision for this photo, which Clara failed to execute

Good thing she's so cute and lovely

She's also good at findin' walkin' sticks

It was gorgeous up on that mountain

truly spectacular

360 degrees of wow


Oh look, I'm in one! Nice forehead. Nice crooked smile. 

That's much better.

Traversing the rapids

Clara has a video of me crossing a much more treacherous log while simultaneously making fun of her for being scared and almost falling in

I was rewarded justly for my courage and determination

That afternoon, we spent a little time at the pool. It was really ugly there.

We made the wise choice to have snacks for dinner then went out for dessert

Our new room had lots of light and outdoor access! Yay! The place was lousy with jasmine so I clipped some and hung it on the shutters. 
Day 3
There's our little porchy-poo. Good Morning!

We had to wait a while, but it was so worth it. And we speak french now. 

Des Boissons

Oh, I guess that's all the photos. Not pictured from day 3:  more pool time and shopping, getting to the botanical garden 2 hours after it closed, getting dressed up for dinner.

On Day 4 we came home after a reeeeeaaaaallly long and painful stop at the godforsaken outlet malls. But we scored some key purchases and had an easy and beautiful drive back to sunny San Diego.

la fin

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Me, You, or Ellie said...

Okay, so, I get it. I know children grow up and become adult-like and aren't children any more and are adult. Like.

But what in the holy hell is going on here with your adult-like companion?

I mean, COME ON.

This is glorious and lovely and wonderful and I adore every moment. The only thing that would make it better is if I were there, crashing your party. I'm good at that. The whole crashing business.

Très bien, mon ami. You always *were* good at being French.

Love, deeply.

See ya in Santa Cruz.