Monday, July 31, 2017


These two.

Julie flipped through old photo albums this weekend during her fiery swath through Connecticut, and we couldn't help notice a theme developing . . .

These two.

 Mom and Dad.

There were many photos, there were many meals -- oh, the meals -- there were many drinkie-poos, there were home movies and a visit to the Old Homestead but that is a topic for another day . . . and there were many, many photos of our Mom and Dad.

They had a Thing, these two.

A Thing for the Ages.

Irish? And Lebanese?

Bring it on.

The mixture of those ethnicities and their love and strength and warmth and humor and passion and intelligence and joie de vivre just worked. Really well. For decades and decades.

We were less than a full contingent this weekend -- we desperately missed our #s 2 and 6 -- but we were a quorum, and had enough members to study the results of this Irish and Lebanese lovefest our parents built over nearly 60 years . . .

I'd call it a smashing success.


mom said...

wow, tears first thing in the morning... thank you Ellie, it's beautiful...
I love

Beth said...

What a couple. I LOVE those first two photos so much!!

Really I love them all, and that last one is perfection! Well, except for the fact that Ann and Jacquie aren't there, but you know what I mean....

Irish and Lebanese sure does work. No doubting it. You have lots and lots of proof.


JC said...

Love this, love them, love you.