Thursday, October 19, 2017

Today was weird

Among several developments that while not catastrophic, were random enough to be mildly alarming at work today, I received a shipment in the mail. I was excited about this, I'd found some very cool items that would be put to use creating a nature themed quiet space where small people could take a moment to chill. Most of the space will be filled with actual nature, but I also wanted a few things that were comfy and durable and washable. In this, the Amazon era, everything is available, so it was quite easy to find and place an order for some leaf pillows, a tree ring rug, and a couple of inflatable seats that looked like tree stumps. Fun!

Making purchases through Amazon is so great, there is literally zero risk because their return policy is heroic with delightful customer service. I figured even if this stuff was a heap of junk, I'd just send it on back for a full refund.

So the package arrived today, and the rug was smaller than it looked in photos, but cute enough to keep. The leaf pillows were awesome, exactly as described. Those stump seats, though.

I mean, even if Tree Trump means something else entirely, there was just no explanation for the truly bizarre contents of that box. Can you see my comments?

"You sent us TWO weird animal butt purses that in no way even remotely resemble an inflatable tree stump."

My coworker and I laughed and laughed and laughed while we processed the return and boxed up the butt purses for pick up in tomorrow's mail. I headed home, but couldn't let it rest. I hadn't taken photos, but I knew that she did:

If you think I'm letting those butthole purses go back to Amazon that easily, you don't know me at all. I can't wait to get on live chat!

Finally, as if today wasn't weird enough...

Hey Pat, can I buy a U?


Me, You, or Ellie said...

I'm detecting a theme here . . .

Seriously, though, in exactly what world do "inflatable seats that look like tree stumps" translate to "weird animal butt purses"? WITH A BUTTHOLE FOR HEADPHONES??

I am so glad you kept them. I'm just hoping you actually use one for your own personal purse so we can eyeball it in person next month.

Now get out there and get yourself a "U".

Love you, btthole.


mom said...

I can't imagine some company manufacturing those crazy "purses"...Knowing you, I'm sure you'll find a use for them, you....