Monday, July 15, 2019


We had visits from some pretty awesome human creatures this past weekend . . .

This small human creature visited . . .

Isn't she cute?

She does this thing where she sucks in her lower lip and her eyes tear up like a grown-up and and we think it's not because she's sad -- because what does she have to be sad about? -- we think it's because she's so moved. She's a very sensitive friend.



Oh wait, here's her beautiful mom. She was a visitor too. We have some cool neighbors.

Wait, did somebody day something about cool neighbors? About the Coolest Neighbors in All The Land? 

Yep, we've got those.

We also have cool bartender friends we visited . . .

. . . and cool waitstaff friends we visited . . .

. . . and perhaps the coolest visitors of all, to this fair city of ours . . .

The world famous -- World Famous -- Harlem Gospel Choir.

Talk about cool.

Come back, gorgeous people. Come back and visit us again.

We love visitors.

1 comment:

Kristin said...

And ALL of the visitors, near and far love you! xoxoxo Have an amazing week my friend!