Monday, November 9, 2020


The last time I -- and many zillions of friends and family and acquaintances and like-minded citizens -- felt this level of relief and hope and stunned delight was, oh, way back in '08 or so. Way back in the hopeful early days of the Century. Nay, Millennium. When we won. We won! Peace and hope and intelligence prevailed and our guy Obama did it.

And my friends, now that we're firmly into the early decades of this Millennium, well, our guy did it again. With the fundamental, passionate and bedrock help of one of the most badass woman America gets to call her own . . . 

AP photo
They did it.

We did it.

AP photo

The news finally came through on that gorgeous Saturday morning when Mistah and I were on a bike ride, so we found out when we arrived back home . . . 

. . . which coincided nicely with the next item on our agenda . . . 

I know there is a ton of work to do. I know that 71 million (and counting . . . literally) Americans voted for the incumbent 
(why . . . why . . . why?) BUT. But for now we once again celebrate peace and hope and intelligence, and are deeply and profoundly grateful for the good citizens who got out there and made a difference in their -- in our -- communities.

Because we are -- I still want to believe -- in this together.



ksh. said...

YES!!! ❤️

Dawnie said...

We *did* do it. Lots of work to do, indeed, but the sense of relief is profound. Saturday morning, Tom came upstairs and, crying, announced "We have a new president". Two days later, I am so glad to be free of that particular anxiety and looking forward to moving a little lighter on my feet because of it. Next, Georgia!

Noelle said...

Now to understand WHAT we can do to bridge this deep divide? Strangers in Their Own Land is next on my reading list. I bought it 2 years ago but did not have the desire or the will...don't feel like I have a choice now. 71 million....Thanks for the awesome celebratory acknowledgement of the historic moment! Back to work!