Monday, February 22, 2021


Who expects visitors during these crazy days?

I'll tell you you who does not expect visitors during these crazy days.

I do not expect visitors during these crazy days..

And yet . .. . 

What a joy it was to have Dorothy and Dorothy's Jim-Jim stop by yesterday . . . 

Dorothy entertained us all with her Wizardry . . . 

. . . and Mistah had a fire going out there . . .

. . . I tried to stay away from the smoke because I had just shampooed. 

What? Be quiet. Shampooing is hard work.

And we were all focused on Dorothy's Wizardry anyway.

Jim-Jim stayed up above, high and dry, like any smart person 
would . . . 

. . . while I shoveled snow off the tables down low. Naturally. 

And once again, Mistah was represented solely by one, lowly, incorrectly-lighted cellphone selfie.

But we didn't care. Because yesterday was all about the Wizardry.

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