Friday, August 15, 2008

I Miss

It's been a spectacular summer in Connecticut. I mean, that's why they invented Connecticut -- because of the summers. They're perfect. It's hot and humid and summery and oh so very stinkin' fleeting it makes me want to weep.

Mistah Schleckah and I have spent a lot of time at Ocean Beach park. It's nice here. There's sun and sand and water and loveliness.

The Greenies aren't so bad either.

Amid all my surprise and delight and unexpected happiness at being back in Connecticut, though, I'm really missing Fort Davis these days.

I miss that view of the town from atop the state park.

I miss the storms blowing in.

I miss that big-ass sky.

What, exactly, can you say about a drive home -- Marfa-to-Fort Davis -- like this?

I miss that wide open expanse of horizon, that my man Billy-boy captures so well.

I miss my little friend Horny Toad, in our yard.

I miss lightning storms that strike church steeples, with no one worse for the wear.

But mostly,

I miss Texas' coolest peeps.


NucMEd is Hot said...

Those were some really great pictures. Mine never look like that.

nightowl said...

There is a beautiful rhythm to life. Each year at this time, the days start to get a bit shorter, the dogwood leaves are tinged with red, the Halloween things appear in the Stop & Shop, and Ellie starts to feel the pull of the equator...

Anonymous said...

When do you guys plan to go back to Fort Davis? You're not in Connecticut forevah, are you?

I want to visit; that big-ass sky is something I need to see. (And the peeps look fun too.)

Anonymous said...

Fall in CT is beautiful too, if only it didn't carry that foreboding promise of what comes next.

Beth, that's the jackpot question! Does Westy have another crossing in her?

Rita said...

I miss Texas, too, Ellie. We lived in Austin for 5 years and then moved to Worcester, MA.

That sky. I miss the big sky. Here in MN, the sky isn't as "low" as on the east coast, but it ain't a Texas sky either.

The pictures were wonderful, they made my heart ache for some Texas time.

Pickles and Dimes said...

Great lightning shots! I love them.

Anonymous said...

Ah well, living in Ottawa with our shitty summer this year, I guess I should be happy that I'm not going to miss it.

Leslie said...

Nice photography work. I too am sad summer is almost over. Me loves the sun and pool.

JS said...

Summer is an evil conspiracy of heat and hate and humidity. It should be, and very probably is, illegal in most states. By the way, there are some other exceptionally wonderful people in Texas...I have it on good authority.

Madness said...

I feel so lucky to have such an interesting person find my blog and introduce me to hers. (and hers and hers)
Awesome pics, awesome post!

Anonymous said...

Did you take all those pics? Cause they are awesome!

I don't even want to think about what I miss, cause then I will get all melancholy over my 18yr old arse. Oh how I miss it.

Anonymous said...

Hello you lovely wonderful commenting peeps.

My man Mistah Schleckah is responsible for those photos. And almost every good photo you see on my posts. Except when I was on the New London bus -- *I* took those.

I don't know what our plans are. Summer lasts until Thanksgiving for me -- the fall *is* beautiful here, and I'm even okay with the shorter days as long as I'm gone by Christmas. But we just don't know. Depends on money, depends on our Fort Davis tenants, depends on which way the wind blows.

And, yeah, I've heard there are some okay peeps in other parts of Texas, too.....

Miss Notesy said...

I'd never seen a horny toad before. He's neat looking!