Tuesday, January 19, 2010


So have you all noticed the new word verification nonesense that you're now required to fill in if you'd like to leave a comment on Me and You and Ellie?

You haven't? Well start commenting, people!

The new "feature" is especially a favorite of Jacquie's.

I too find it annoying, but the word verification system, in many ways, is mindless. It's simply a nonsense word that you have to type into a box. And the word verification on this site is at least lacking those crazy, blinding patterns behind it and those letters that are distored and wavy. Plus, the words come in three colors: blue, red, and green. What color did YOU get today?

But instead of finding the word verification mindless, I find myself giving the "words" some thought. So many of them are reminiscent of real words, or parts of real words, or are just begging to be made into real words.

Take for example:

"vocato" is just BEGGING for the prefix "avo"
"prosto" really screams for "tuto"
"pread" is lacking "and predjudice" and
"chessnis" could use "roasting on an open fire"

But even more common (to my demented mind) are the "new" words that need a proper definition.

I've come across these beauties so far:

ablendro = what you need when Ellie is in town. (She makes some mean margs.)
dirtlies = white trash
affersey = those perfect remarks you should have said that you only come up with after the fact
layverp = when you lay the baby down and she burps
clerni = a carney who's entered the preisthood
fledaked = when you really, really flake on something
nutiom = when you say something profound when naked
vorned = vexed + scorned
compot = a pot used to compost
raphola = a crappy rap song
moledope = a very excellent mole dish
presessi = a procession of princesses
polig = police + pig

What can you guys come up with?


Me, You, or Ellie said...

I asked T to take a look at a list of these and he just emailed me these:

dirsh = a dirty dish
nuckyl = bone in your hand moledope = a stupid rodent


btw, my word right now is "pansup."

pansup = pancake syrup

back to gray and wet in PA said...

What do you mean these aren't real words?!?
I still laughing and am very impressed by your creative mind...must be the removal of that big machine from your breast :)

my word is "scisty" : not quite a city

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Um, mine says "clear"

I got nothing!

great post, though :)


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh I love:

moledope = a very excellent mole dish

I don't seem to have to verify on my own dang blog, either (thankfully, you do, Beth. Great blog fodder!) so I went to my trusty friend Springer Kneeblood's blog, where I always have to verify.

I got "tingo". A dance with an Australian wild dog??


Me, You, or Ellie said...

A dance with an Australian wild dog?? - I love it, Ellie!

I can't belive you don't have to verify, though!

And you're quite clever yourself, there, Dot. You actually live in a scisty, don't you?


not quite a scisty said...

State College is hoping to one day be a scisty :)

this time I got
wheati: the last piece if cereal in a box of Wheaties

Kathi D said...


The new blockbuster from James Cameron.

Springer Kneeblood said...

Ellie, I'm glad you got "tingo" from my blog; dancing with Australian wild dogs may be the subject of an upcoming post. I must type "groggi" to verify this very comment. Put them together as "groggi tingo" and you've got a dance with a drunken Australian wild dog.