Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Scenes from a Summer

I'm telling you people, this July is the best one in memory.

I know I talk about summer all the time, but this one is just the best ever. It's hot and sunny every day. We live at the beach. Well, and on our deck. Food has been eaten, booze has been drunk, music has been enjoyed, sun has been soaked in.

But don't listen to me -- let the photos tell you . . .

The month started with My Girl Nancy's birthday at Watch Hill and progressed from there. Cheers, Nancy!

And cheers to you too, Ted.

What did I say last year about the music . . .

. . . and the people?

Aw, Dawnie-girl.

These two? Jill and Dave? With the lovely Kat Murphy? They are Short Timers. August 21st baby.

Warm sultry summer nights . . .

. . . and hot humid days make for a kicking tomato crop this year.

Pure lusciousness.

My friend Christine came down last weekend, and after a fabulous day at Ocean Beach, we had ourselves a little deck to-do. Christine's kids -- rotten as they are -- are wildly entertaining. This is Izzy . . .

. . . and Kenny . . .

. . . and Chris.

We really do make quite a team.

The beach? Oh, we've had some beach love this July. (In addition, of course, to I-TAM love).

And we keep running into lovely friends at Ocean Beach, including fabulous co-beach-loving Rachel. Thankfully our cooler was packed with plenty of cans of Miller High Life to share. And a bottle of rosé I did not share.

Mistah's decided to take photos of the world passing in front of Ledgie the rest of the summer. Do you find it interesting or unusual that he started the project the moment this young babe was in front of Ledgie? Yes, me too.

Dawnie gave us this L.L.Bean Picnic Knife for Christmas. It has a Bottle/Can Opener, Corkscrew, Cheese Knife and Flexible Spreader Blade. My two favorite things, from the packaging:

*The Flexible spreader blade easily manages your favorite spread and helps protect your bread.

*Tool is 9" long with spread blade extended, so you can reach the bottom of the jar and keep your knuckles clean.

You can keep your knuckles clean!

This is how I feel at the beach.

New London Light was not occupied, by ghosts or other inhabitants, as far as we could tell. It was simply, resplendently, reflecting the late afternoon sun, looking marvelous doing it.

Ah, July.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go see all my sisters this weekend. All of them. In addition to about a half a million cousins.

I love July.


Mykle said...

Best July Ever!
See you this weekend, cousin!

picked the first 3 tomatoes in PA said...

I'm sure the fact that the babe reminded him of his lovely wife explains the urge to take some Ledgie pics :)

enjoy the family...looking forward to the posts and pics!!

Anonymous said...

I love it when summer is summery!

Kat said...

I love July too. Beautiful pictures.

Me, You, or Ellie said...

We must protect the bread, at all costs!

Love that shot of the backs turned in front of the wine bottles. You can almost feel that photo.

I just havfta ask, how do you like July now? It's 5:54 your time, I bet many of those sisters and a million cousins are there by now. July just got better, right?

Can't wait for the coming posts....


ChrsitineE said...

I love July because it's my birthday month and especially this year because my tan is really great and the grass is dead like it should be in July.

Loved spending the day with you on Saturday, Ellie!

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Happy july indeed! Especially now that * I've* arrived. But dude, seriously? Miller High Life and Rose? I think you need an intervention.

Love your guts!