Friday, October 29, 2010

Day of the living dead

Well, here we are--  the Friday of Halloween weekend. We know there are all sorts of ghoulish, scary shenanigans going on over at Jacquie's house. And my crew will all be transforming into pirates come Sunday (with the exception of little miss C, who will be my trusty parrot).

But in truth my look today is much more apropos for the 31st than is my flouncy pirate garb.

I'm not feeling 100% today, or even 50% for that matter. I'm tired, and have a cold, and so truly need a few consecutive good nights' sleep. But this reasonable requirement is  proving impossible.

Wednesday night, a crucial night in the I-can-kill-this-virus plan I had for myself, I found myself on the top bunk of the girls' bunk beds, cleaning up the regurgitated remains of my middle daughter's stomach. It was dark and I was drowsy, and did not know just how copious the chunder was. Turns out I was sitting in it while cleaning (blech), and that not only her quilt, but her sheet, two other blankets, and her pillow were somehow all puke splattered. Not to mention the wall.

It was a three washer-load clean up. With plenty of chunk scraping to do before the items could even be placed in the washing machine. It was not the night of rest I required.

But I was hopeful last night. My husband even slept out in another room so that I could have the bed to myself. The baby awoke at 12:15 am, but only briefly, and I drifted back to sleep effortlessly.  But at 1:30? Well at 1:30 she was awake again. And when I say "awake," I mean wide. You would have thought it was 7 am.  She was laughing, and standing, and babbling, and generally being a pain in the arse. I rocked her, I gave her milk, I took her into my big empty bed. She was not impressed with any of it.

After an hour of this nonsense, I put the little stinker back to bed. Not without protest, but she did go back to sleep.

As did I.

But somehow I still woke up looking like this:

I hope all of you are feeling more rested and healthy than I as you head into the frivolity of this hair-raising, horrifying, Halloween weekend...


Me, You, or Ellie said...

That is the most horrifying Halloween nightmare I've ever heard. Poor little bug. Poor little *you*.

In a word? Barf.

Hey, just put a funny nose-and-glasses on that skull of yours: you'll be fine.


Would be happy to take that baby in PA said...

Boy, that really sucks!
I had more than one gag reflex just reading about your vomit clean-up GROSS!!
Because of my said reflex problem, I am exempt from cleaning up any and all puke, poop, or urine from any human or animal in this house. (the trauma of their mom puking on them is something we try to avoid)
I feel SO bad for the Wednesday night you had as well as the illness you can't shake, but boy do your cheekbones look great ;)
Please feel better and GET SOME REST...that sweet C should be in the spare room with her dad.
And since prospective drunken Penn State and Michigan football fans alter our town's trick or treat, we're already full of candy here in Happy Valley...

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh, Beth. How eloquently you conjure the image of those "chunks". I'm so thoroughly repulsed, I might blow some myself. Get well soon, girlfriend.