Monday, January 24, 2011

secret beach, redux

Sure, Legoland was part of the draw for my cousin Sheila when she and her family planned a weekend visit to San Diego, but it wasn't the only coveted attraction. A few days before their arrival, Sheila wrote: "just reread the Secret Beach blog to the kids. I had been telling them about that spot. Maybe Sunday/???"

And Sunday it was.

It was a gorgeous day, and we got ourselves out into it in record time, being Kennedys and all. We packed up the westy and headed West(y). I know you don't want to hear it if you're all covered in snow and whatnot, but we hadn't had very many perfect days in the previous month or so, and we San Diegans get righteously indignant when we aren't delivered our regular dose of perfection, at least where the weather is concerned. So we knew it would be crowded at the beach on this long lost beautiful day, and the thing about Westy Day at the beach is that it's not just a journey, it's a destination. If you don't nab a great parking spot, you might as well be driving a Buick. But the gods were smiling upon us that day, because we got a great spot, where we set up home base and were soon joined by our frousins.

We frolicked about for a bit, as we tend to do,

And then we set off on the epic adventure toward The Secret Beach.
It was bonus time!
Low tide= tide pools!

Eventually, we dragged ourselves away from the wee marine creatures to continue our journey along the stunning cliffs of Point Loma:

Until we reached the familiar gateway

to our beautiful secret beach.

No man is an island...
Sometime thereafter, we made our way back to so-called civilization, and dried off just as the day grew long and our time grew short.

After everyone was found to be adequately dry and dressed, we endured the tragedy of a goodbye, with promises to soon cross the molehills that separate us.

And then it was back to just us, with great lighting, and then a sunset for the ages.


Brrrr in Central PA said...

On this day with a wake-up temperature of -8 degrees (who know what the real feel was), I actually felt a wee bit warmer while reading this post.

So all i need to do is be indignant, and the weather gods will give me a beautiful San Diego day?! Wish you had shared that little secret a bit sooner!

Mom C said...

Love all those skinny boys... I miss San Diego... Mom C

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Aw, how lovely. I just love those San Diego beach afternoons -- they're so magical, especially with that killer sunset you got.

Love to see all those cousins and frousins and assorted nieces and nephews frolicking about -- does a winter heart good.

(aka your poor frozen east coast peep)

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Wow, that sunset was amazing! Too bad those kids are in the way. Ha ha ha.

Looks like you all made the most of your short visit with the frousins:-) Hopefully they'll show you some cool secret spot when you go visit them in AZ!