Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ah, Asheville

Reminiscing, as I have been, on our Vitamin D trip to the Sunshine State last year, I've also been thinking a lot about our stops on the way to the Sunshine State. And there is no town between here and Florida -- with apologies to Hershey, PA -- that Mistah and I love more than Asheville, NC.

Ah, Asheville.

My sister Julie lives in Asheville, and Mistah and I have visited her there approximately 18 zillion times, before, during and after our years on the road.

This is Julie's house.

And these are Julie's gorgeous kids. The younger two -- Chapel Hill Girl was busy in Chapel Hill when we visited last February. But we had my righteous goddaughter Erin, and her brother Young Joe. Our visits to Asheville started when all three of them were tiny tots . . .

. . . and it continues to warm the cockles of my heart just to be near these people.

This is Tessie-Dog, Julie's crazed, yet quite loving, and ridiculously fast canine. This doggie is fast.

I used some of these photos last year, but I simply must return to them, because it's not every day someone runs down the sidewalk toward you, to welcome you with open arms to her town, her family, her life.

In fact, last February was the last time it happened to me.

Aw, Julie-Girl.

We went for a late afternoon walk in the Montford section of Asheville. It was a cold cold winter down there, too, but it was not as cold as Connecticut -- 850 miles isn't much, but it's a start, on getting south of things . . .

We'd been driving for a couple of days, so it was great to stretch the ol' legs . . .

. . . and Julie runs about 47 miles a day, so she needed to get out there and move herself, too.

Ah, Montford.

Ah, Asheville.

Thomas Wolfe, Asheville's native son, and one of Mistah's men, is buried in a beautiful cemetery in Montford, and we always visit.

Back home! Thanks for the lovely walk, Jules.

There are strict rules we follow when in Asheville. In the summer, we always go to an Asheville Tourists game. Thirsty Thursday, baby! Mistah always hits the collection of great used book stores. I always borrow Julie's YMCA card and work out in the pool. Julie always throws a party. I always go for a hike (used to be a run) on the Blue Ridge Parkway trail. In the old days I used to walk or bike to her kids' elementary school in the afternoon to walk or bike them home. Joe and I had a lot of lovely afternoons making our way home in those years . . .

And we always -- always -- go out for a meal at Salsa's.


Last year we were lucky enough to dine with Julie and her business partner Monroe.

Ah, Salsa's. Yummmm........

Double Yummmmm........

Here's one of Mistah Schleckah's haunts.

This is not a haunt but does Asheville not have lovely architecture?

Pack Place. The Diana Wortham Theater is on the right, beyond the camera's scope. We've seen many lovely Chapel Hill Girl performances there . . .

. . . and finally, Jack of the Wood. An Asheville institution. Asheville is famous for -- among other things -- great beer. They beat Portland Oregon for Top Beer City in America in 2010. BeerCity USA 2010! That is serious, people.

And delicious.

And frankly, there is nothing better than a cold tasty beer after a swim . . .

. . . or an afternoon of book-hunting.

Look! Mistah even got me into a used book store on the way home.

Sigh. The way home. We cut our visit short because a giant storm was descending on Western North Carolina, and we thought we should head south to try to beat it.

We didn't beat it.

Note to self:

Next time?
Asheville in the Spring.


Julie said...

LOVE! What a treat, El.

And really? Will you come in the Spring? Let's talk dates! We just booked a Westie trip to Edisto in April... hmmm

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Well, I meant Spring in general but Edisto in April is certainly tempting... hmmm


could leave Central PA said...


I think the Asheville Travel Bureau should compensate you for your lovely review of a place I have never ventured to..and yet now want to move!

Me, You, or Ellie said...

I'm envious. I don't think I've ever heard a bad word spoken about Asheville. Nope; only good stuff.

My brother did a stint in Sylva, NC, and was working in some Asheville bike shop. And he loved it. Said the peeps were grand, the music excellent, and of course, he enjoyed the beer. He's a picky one, my brother. He doesn't like just anywhere. But Asheville? Oh yes! Almost as much as his beloved Durango.

And c'mon, if someone leaves St. John for somewhere, it's GOT to be good. Julie ain't no fool.

Nice post, El :-)


Mom C said...

Ah Asheville - maybe I'll buy a Westie and join you in Edisto....

Lisa S said...

I'm planning to go to Asheville for the first time sometime this year. (Cousin plays in a band there and raves about the place.) I will contact you for more travel tips before I go!

Unknown said...

I have did it, I made "me any you and ellie" !

Captain Dumbass said...

I'm getting in the car now and driving to Salsa's.

Wait, I'm applying for my passport and then I'm getting in my car and driving to Salsa's.

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Lupe! Welcome!

Love y'all. Asheville brings out the love in the peeps. Like blogging about puppies.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

ah, lovely! especially the peeps. I miss all of you desperately!