Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Slacker stage mom

Let's just say I'm no Teri Shields, or Dina Lohan, or Jaid Barrymore. And that's a good thing, right?

I mean pimping your daughter out really isn't something to aspire to. In fact, it's quite twisted in my humble opinion, but I am coming around to see the value in being skilled at helping your daughter turn from normal 9 year old into hip hop diva if that's where her heart is and she works hard at it.

But alas, I suck at it.

It's rather humbling.

I feel as though I shouldn't care about when the other moms have to do my oldest's hair, fix her eyeliner, or lend us the right shade of lipstick; but it's more fun to be good at something than not, right? And really, is applying makeup and doing twisty hairdos beyond my abilities? I doubt it.

I think that up to this point is was a lack of interest combined with an ample dose of resistance to seeing the kids all made up. But is it so wrong?

It comes off and who didn't love to play dress-up when they were younger? And have you seen the makeup on all those SYTYCD contestants? It's part of the costume, complements the clothes, helps set the mood of the number. It's part of dance, plain and simple. And always has been.

If it sounds like I'm talking myself into it, well maybe I am. But if all those other moms can transform their daughters into shiny stage starlets, so can I.

The next competition is in Vegas. If that isn't the perfect location to put my talents to the test, I don't know where is.

But please do stop me if it comes to this


Pat said...

You did a wonderful job of supporting your star, accommodating your six year old, taking care of the baby AND keeping your Mother happy! I didn't see A. complaining and surely you contributed to her hip hop triumph.
It was a wonderful weekend.
Love, Mom

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Beth, you have many talents. I'm sure that pimping up your girls is among them, it's just your good Mama bear sense causing you to hedge at the thought of perfecting that particular skill :) However, I think Sonny would look hot with some eyeliner and a side do.

Glad all of you girls had a great weekend!!


willing to pimp in PA said...

As someone who has known you for over 3 decades (!) I can say that you might need a class in make-up application, as I've never seen you "all dolled up". I might have even applied the make-up when you dressed as a rich lady for halloween circa 1979.
You got lucky in the natural good looks category, so be like a true stage mom, and hire me to fly out to Vegas to pimp your daughter for you!
That's what friends are for :)

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Wait, hip-hop diva? Really? I had no idea. But now that I think of it, well it's perfect. And maybe A. will acquire mad make-up skillz herself and teach her younger sisters and you'll never have to learn. I never did, but I must say I'm pretty good at twisty-do's.

I love this! Good luck in Vegas.

I can't believe I actually get to say that to someone.