Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Blondetourage

There we were. Bisque Fest 2011. Four bands, eight hours, 387 coolers . ..

. . . and tons of cool local friends.

And then it happened.

My Girl Nancy showed up with her Blondterage.

It was Coreen's birthday, afterall. What were they going to do, stay in Hebron??

Mistah Schleckah, he didn't mind the influx of female humanity so much . . .

. . . nope . . .

. . . not so much at all.

And me? Well, I love it when my girl Nancy comes to town.

Love . . .

. . .  love . . .

. . . love.

(Dude, that's the bag someone left behind.
With potato chips and Doritos still in it.)

The Blondetourage brought their men, too -- of course they did. And their men -- their minions, as I called them -- got in line for food. For the best seafood this side of the Mississippi:

Hot lobster rolls, baby . . .

. . . and fried food, baby . . .

. . . and steamahs and lobstah, baby . . .

Oh, the girls had a great time . . .

. . . at one point we looked up and Kelly was playing our bongo drum up on stage with, er, near the band.

And the girls climbed right up atop our Westy for even more Blondetourage fun. Of course they did.

And that, of course, led to a completely hilarious photo shoot. The first One of many that night, from the sounds of it.

Oh, the fun we have, surrounding our fun-loving Westy . . .

. . . oh, we have ourselves a Time.

And the thing about it? The thing about the Time we have and the Blondetourage accompanying us, and the fusion of local and far-away friends?

The Bands just keep on a-playing . . .

Next week: High Drama at Bisque Fest!


hungry in PA said...

Our local paper had a beautiful picture of the Nina and Pinta passing through the waters of New London and I was hoping that you were able to get some great pics of the historic voyage and Ledgie watching.

and thanks for making my stomach growl and my mouth drool...looks like a good time was had by all!

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Really? High drama? I can hardly wait! Did a lobstah make off (or out) with a steamah?

Or wait, did the bag owner come back for her cute floral bag and find her doritos missing?

Hmm, or maybe it has something to do with the blonds in that blondtourage...

Sure does look like you all had some good eats and some good times, all the while listening to some good tunes!


Me, You, or Ellie said...

What a great, fun time! And mmmmmmmmmmmmm I wanna lobster roll. Nancy is doing some very interesting posing in those photos with Mr. Schlekah, what's his knee doing there? lol

Can't wait to be there next month!


Me, You, or Ellie said...

1. Central PA, I saw those boats! On a morning bike ride. I had no idea they were coming so I had no idea what they were . . . so naturally assumed they were pirate ships, sailing right on by Ledgie.......


The local paper got a nice shot but they so totally missed the boat by *not* including Ledgie. Big front page photo the next day, which is lovely, just lovely, but it could be anywhere:

Cool, though, right?:

2. Elizabeth, you just tune in on Monday.

3. Jacqueline, well, you know that Nancy.


kelly said...

Ellie -
Thank you so much for including us in on such a fun day. We had a blast - as your pictures show, and we are really enjoying our new title. I am sure we will be referring to the boys as our minions from now on (or as long as they will let us).
Thanks again,
Kelly (from the blondetourage)

Anonymous said...

Had a blast! It was nice meeting you both! Great pics!

Jody (one of the blondes)

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Kelly! Jody! What fun! *We* had a blast too, and the next morning I loved hearing *every* detail about the rest of your sordid, degenerate, depraved night........


Can't wait 'til the next time!