Monday, July 25, 2011

Ann Mania

Today is Ann's birthday.

Happy Birthday Ann!

To celebrate this momentous -- and I do mean momentous -- occasion, let's take a look back at the early years, shall we? And heck, let's do it randomly; chronology is so last year.

Dad taking a break from his residency to visit his baby girl. They worked those residents hard, they did.

Ann watching Dad become Major.


Dad with his first two, and a cool car behind them.

Glamorous Mom; lumpy diapered Ann.

Really. What's up with the lumpy diapers??!


Later that day.......... Mom is absurdly gorgeous.
And her kid's pretty cute....

Happy 30th Dad!

Just waiting, waiting, waiting for baby sister Ellie to be born . . . that very night.
Yay! Ellie's arrived!

What a good big sister.

Oh, these are shots from the Worst Photo Shoot in the History of the Planet. Let's focus on Ann, do let's:

Phew. That's over. Let's move on. Here's Ann . . .

. . . in this photo shoot . . .

. . . which is this photo shoot. One of my favorites ever.

Awwww. Okay, I'm going to stop saying that.

This is also one of my favorite photo shoots . . .

. . . it's part of this one, one of the all-time best. Am I right??

And then there's the Easter series . . .

Really, could we be cuter??

Awwww. Oh, wait. I was supposed to stop saying that.

Ann and Jacquie.

All six girls.

Oh look! Me!

I'd say Awww but I promised . . . 

Halloween 1969. Ann -- on the right -- 
was apparently, um, I do not know.

MB, Ann and I were, only comparatively speaking, The Big Ones.

And I did my best to uphold the Lumpy Diaper Mantle I inherited.

Lots of brown girls.

Mom had Julie -- her fourth daughter and Ann's 3rd sister -- days later.

Ann's the smooshed one in the middle.

Ann, a newborn, with her gorgeous great and glorious --
then and now -- Mom.

Happy Birthday Ann!


Anonymous said...

Ellie thank you for this, I love it. Those old pics are so great aren't they. Thanks for making my bday even more special.

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Happy, happy birthday ann! So glad we are here to celebrate this monumental occasion with you! Love you baby



Me, You, or Ellie said...

Such great photos! (How awesome are scanners, I ask you?!)

Hooray for Ann! And all you Coreys.

Hope the day is special, Ann. Kinda think it will be with all your kick ass sisters, amazing mom, and carefree neices and nephews aroud you! Happy day!



Me, You, or Ellie said...

Aw, you're welcome Ann. Yay!

And they're not scanned, Beth -- they're photos of photos. Being us and all.

Love you! Happy Day!

Quito Girl said...

Happy birthday Aunt Ann!! You were almost as adorable as a child as you are as an old geezer! I love you and am so glad I get to celebrate with you tonight!


Julie said...

oh I love this! Happy birthday, tiny big sister. I love you. I'm so glad we all got to be together for this monster birthday of yours.

Love and smoochies,


Anonymous said...

soooooo awesome, Ann! Happy, happy birthday!xo jane

Mom C said...

I'm a little late with my comment, but now I can say it was a happy birthday and we celebrated in style!!! love, mom