Monday, July 18, 2011


So where were we? Oh yeah, bidding farewell to my family in Sedona and headed up the road to Flagstaff, where various members of my husband's family live, and where we were slated to attend the 125th reunion of Babbitt Ranches.

Like last year, we attended the annual Babbitt Ranches colt sale. And, sadly, like last year, we did not find a pony for Jacquie. We arrived a bit later than expected due to a dead car battery, so did not have ample time to choose the perfect specimen, but there is always next year....

We did not miss out on the Popsicles and drinks though.

And my middle child did find time to whisper to a horse she particularly liked,

and asked to take home.

We diverted her attention by taking the cousin crew to Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument on the way back into town.
After a quick rest and outfit change, it was time to head out to the anticipated event, the 125th reunion of the Babbitt Ranches and the family the endeavor has created. And created it has, there were 507 people in attendance.

Here's the photo they featured in the Arizona Daily Sun article.

I can safely say I recognize no one in this shot. But 507 people is quite a few, and, well, I'm new to the family. It was a great event though, with hay-bale jumping, steer head roping, and food and drink aplenty.

That's my girl

I met lots of Babbitt-related cousins, and aunts, and uncles, and got to know my in-laws, who I adore, better. All of this and a view too.

Northern Arizona is growing on me, I have to admit...


smaller extended family in Central PA said...

507 people!?!
wow, that's 6 degrees of separation from a lot of people...might be fun to play that game at the next reunion :)
hope to see you east of the mississippi!

Pat said...

Glad it was a fun time, Beth. You must be families out!
love, Mom

It is just coincidence that my word verification is "hoofea"?

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh, how lovely Beth. I, too, am kind of shocked at the sheer numbers. We thought *we* had a big family.

The other chitlins may be cute, but I have eyes only for your girls -- what a great place for them to be -- they'll never forget it.

And maybe Jacquie can get that pony next year......