Monday, December 5, 2011

road warrior

Ellie and Bill are the original Westy Road Warriors. Our paltry west coast adventures are mere spit in the breeze when compared to the years those two spent traversing the countryside to and fro. Whereas we camp in the thing, they lived in the thing! The Westy is a marvel of invention and the very model of efficiency, but it is no small feat to organize your self and your stuff to live out of its assets.

Yet while Ellie and Bill are heroic in their fortitude, Westy- (and other) wise, there are a few factors that make our particular brand of Westy adventuring a bit.... um.... let's say.....crowded   chaotic tricky.

Factors like these two

And oh yeah, this one

Two medium sized children and one ginormous dog make for some very creative packing and arranging inside of one's Westy. The children can be reasoned with, sort of. But the dog really has no idea what to think when we set out in the Westy. From the moment we start to pack up the rig, she frets. She eyes the front door for any opportunity to bolt our of the house and into the Westy, where she will park her substantial arse and try to become invisible. She seems torn between wishing none of it was real and that she could just slink back to one of her many beds to sleep the day away, as is her custom; and adamantly insisting that no adventure is going to be undertaken without her participation.

Once we set out, she continues to fret. She can't relax, she wants her head out the window but she also wants to sleep. What's a girl to do?

She loves a campsite, though. Look at the Queen of Sheba back there in her happy spot.

Once we arrived at our destination, Moki was in heaven. Our hosts just so happen to be foster dog dads, so their house is a veritable pooch haven. Why didn't I take any photos of Moki enjoying her stay at Casa Flatley? What, exactly, is wrong with me? Just picture it in your mind's eye. Warm beds, fenced grassy yard,  bones and treats around every corner, and most importantly, hosts who are actually pleased to see a 100 pound furball slinking around the hallways in staunch avoidance of the scary appliances.

On Thanksgiving day, we left the beast at home in that happy palace while we headed over to a household that prefers dogs of this variety:

By the time we reached our final destination, Moki had begun to roll with the punches and  maybe even start to suspect that we weren't trying to ruin her life. At Meg and Sanjay's, she even had a little friend! Oh, what fun she had trying to fit all of Charlie inside of her mouth. Good times!

And look how she started to smile!

But wait...
Is the oven on???
Oh my God, what the hell is THIS?

What da???

So many new breeds of friend to discover in Arizona!

but the old familiar goofs are around, too.

A wed wose. How womantic.

Awkward Family Photo.

It was an excellent adventure for both human and beast. We heart our Arizona peeps, and can't wait for the next visit!


Mom C said...

I can't believe the size of that beast! She's so sweet and so loved... Love it mom

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Love the "what the hell is THIS" photo!

How awesome that Moki had such gracious hosts in AZ! She's one lucky girl. That, plus the ride out in the Westy (west). She's had it good!


Mykle Flatley said...

Come back, come back, come back ... again and again!

Moki is always welcome is the rest of her pack.

Doug and I have said so many times how we hope this becomes an annual trek at Thanksgiving.

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh, I love this so much. And *not* just for that humbling shout-out at the beginning, although I desperately adore that. What a time that was, no?

That first photo of your chitlins, with your girl resting up atop the cabinet, *with* her seatbelt on? That is perfect.

And I don't know your dog, and had no idea she was ascared of the appliances. *That* is wack, yo.

But what luck, to find uncle hosts "who are actually pleased to see a 100 pound furball slinking around the hallways in staunch avoidance of the scary appliances."

I can't get over that. I love it so much. Because why have 2 neurotic kids if you can't have a neurotic dog to join them?

Oh, how I love you all.