Tuesday, December 13, 2011

fun and games

On our recent trip to Arizona, we had no shortage of fun. I find that by surrounding myself with great people, I can usually guarantee that fun won't be far behind.

Take, for instance, these two great people:

My cousin and her husband, on the day after Thanksgiving, enjoying a cranberita on the front lawn.

Quiet, unassuming, content.

And then the sun went down, and someone found his inner street performer and pulled out a box o' fun while  someone else rushed to increase her homeowners' insurance policy

Everyone got in on the fun, because really, what's more fun that fire?

That cute blond using the practice stick represented the colliding of worlds as my husband's side of the family joined my side of the family for this post holiday pyrofestival of love and laser tag.

And after the transitional joining of forces, we headed over to the other side for our last night in the ole A-Z

I hesitated to share the following photos, because for all intents and purposes they make it appear as if our children were overindulging in dark beer from cough syrup shaped bottles. But then I went ahead and posted this abomination:

So I guess the gig is up. And for the record, only the big people overindulged in the apothecary beer. And cookies.

We were having so much fun visiting and catching up with these fine young peeps, and you know what goes really well with fun? GAMES!

We played some mega jenga on our hosts' hand made set, and then made a few attempts at actual boxed games, but if you know anything at all about my husband's family*, you know that in the end, it's all about the drinking games. 
*how is it possible that I have no blog post about the drinking games played in my very own driveway this very summer? Raise your hand if you suck at blogging. [waving]

You know this game, everyone writes a famous person's name on a post it, then hands it to someone else to affix to their face. You take turns asking yes or no questions to determine the identity of your face's post it.

nice fillings
Everyone else's is always really easy, and your own is always really hard.

Spelling doesn't count.

If you guess wrong, you drink.

An age appropriate beverage.

Preferably from a mustache glass.

Don't we know how to have fun?

And games.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh what *fun*! Isn't fun just the best thing to have?

It cracks me up that you play drinking games with your children . . . with water. And, of course, mustache glasses. *Fun*!

And nothing says "family" and "Thanksgiving" "like post holiday pyrofestival of love and laser tag."

Fun post, Jacquie!


Me, You, or Ellie said...

[WAVING! WAVING over here! WAY-ving.]

Fire theatrics, lazer tag, jenga, and the post-it on the other guys' head game -- you guys are play-ers!!

No lack of fun in your extended family....

We need to go play the stuff your face with sushi and kirin game.


MB said...

You are all so adorable! I wish I could read the names on your & Bill's foreheads. xo

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Mine was john lennon, his was "brock" obama. my girl wrote that, then meg emulated her on my boy's head.