Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ledgie Loo

As you know, our little downstairs loo is a paean to New London's own Southwest Ledge Lighthouse.

Ledgie for short.

A couple of years ago we put a few photos of Ledgie -- taken of her in all her glory at the mouth of the Thames River -- or, sometimes more interestingly, take of her in all her glory in local artists' rendering -- up on the bathroom walls. And voilĂ . The Ledgie Loo was born.

We hadn't added anything to the Ledgie Loo in ages, but Mistah has been snapping shots tirelessly in all the years since. Being Mistah.

So it was time once again to leap into action. I ordered prints for something like 3¢ a pop, I found a box in the basement labeled "Frames & Mats", I poured myself a glass* of wine, and I got to work.

*What? I only used one glass.

Pretty good evening's work, no?

Oh, but no. No, the work did *not* stop there.

Welcome to Ledgie Loo 2.0.

There are two mirrors and three walls involved in this photo; that's just how awesome the Ledgie Loo is.

I can't tell you how excited I am about all the additions I made to our sweet little loo.

But as fantastic as it is . . .

. . . as fabulous as it looks, I must tell you this . . .

. . . I'm just gettin' warmed up.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Lovely, lovely Ledgie loo!

Love, love, love the Ledgie loo! And I'm with you. I think you should cover those walls with Ledgie photos and drawings and all manner of Ledgie art. It will be a sight to behold. Although it might make a trip to the loo rather longer than it has to be ;-)


Mom C said...

Love ledgie... xoxo mom

Me, You, or Ellie said...

I'm cracking up because the ledgie loo looks positively cavernous in these photos! I love that loo, and I love the updates. And I love the line "Being Mister." But mostly, I love YOU.