Friday, April 27, 2012

I heart new orleans

I typically enjoy attending neurology conferences, where we are able to connect with our authors and editors and attempt to secure more subscribers. I've had the good fortune to go far and wide on these trips over the years, from Argentina to Canada and to many places in between.

But this year's trip? I think this year's trip takes the cake. Don't get me wrong, last year's trip to Hawaii was fun, and Chicago is always a blast. Buenos Aires was a treat, and Toronto was a perfect place to rendezvous with my mom a number of years back, but New Orleans? New Orleans was a blast.

First off, I have always wanted to go there, but never have. Secondly, my friend Dana was there, and although she continues to work full time for the company, she moved to South Carolina 4 years ago, and I've not seen her since her departure.

We both started working here the same year -- 15 years ago! We've both grown up here, and have gone through life's milestones at roughly the same time. We have a lot in common, and she is a good time.

In addition, although children and spouses are great, and life would not be the same without them,  what mother do you know who wouldn't appreciate a few days away? In a hotel room by herself? Peace, quiet, and complete clicker control, if she in fact even wants to ever turn on the TV. Plus the temperature set to just her liking?

So, the Crescent City, Dana, and time away? A recipe for an excellent time.

In true me style, I have very few photos to testify to my good time. I am no Mistah Schlecker. But I do want to give you some of the highlights.

Music. Music. Music. It's everywhere, and I say that even though I headed home last night, the opening night of Jazz Fest. Dixieland jazz breakfasts and Frenchman Street were my personal favorites.

Food. Food. Food. My boss outdid himself on the dinners he took us to. Emeril's, Bayona, August. Reservation-only, at least at this time of year, and the type of place where the waiter brings you a 'little something from the chef' between your courses or before your meal, and matches the cloth napkin to your pant color (two blacks and a white for me, thank you). And when we weren't fine dining, we were feasting on chargrilled oysters, crawfish, seafood gumbo, jambalaya, red beans and rice, home-made biscuits with butter, bingets with two inches of powdered sugar, etc. Plus we were washing it all down (sans the bignets) with various types of Abita, the local and very tasty beer.

Architecture. I loved the French Quarter. Giant painted shutters and hanging plants, old brick buildings with ornate metal work, hidden patios and slanted walls. It was enchanting. True, some of it smelled, especially early in the morning, before the beer stench was sprayed down, but enchanting nonetheless -- making those 'for sale' signs mighty tempting.

Of course I only scratched the surface of NOLA. Work kept getting in the way, and a week is way too little time to experience the city even without a minute of work. Dana and I did manage to knock a fair amount of activities off our our combined lists, but there was so much left to be done....

Jacquie, I think it might just be the perfect place for us to meet up with Aline. And Hap? Grab your banjo and head out, you would have been the perfect sit-in for the band we heard on Tuesday night.


Pat said...

I am so glad you got there finally and had such a great time. It is amazing!
Love, Mom

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh Beth, that sounds like such a perfect getaway! I am *in* like Flynn, anytime.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

"Giant painted shutters and hanging plants, old brick buildings with ornate metal work, hidden patios and slanted walls. It was enchanting."

Oh, what a beautiful city that is, isn't it? And what a lovely post, Beth. I can taste and smell and feel the wonderfulness reaching out.

And you own hotel room? Bliss.

Well, that and the oysters.



Dr Jazz's daughter in Central PA said...

Ahh, sounds amazing and perfect!!
I can't believe my 2 teenagers are groaning about having to spend 4 days there in July with 37,000 other teenagers for a Lutheran Youth Conference. I will continue to ignore their complaints and wish for them a similar experience as yours...sans the local beer :)
Please include me in your next visit!