Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I'd rather be....

This weekend, the stars aligned so that both of our children were off to sleepover adventures on Saturday night. Bill and I found ourselves down at the beach, enjoying a cocktail in the late afternoon. It was a sunny, windy day with huge surf, and OB offered its usual plethora of moderately crazy behavior to observe. At one point I commented to the bartender that if we were being filmed for an episode of “What Would you Do?” we’d look like total assholes for sitting there drinking when we weren’t sure if the guy under the car was having a bad dream or a seizure.  On the other hand, we felt really badly about waving down the passing patrol car when the guy had to get up and perform a field sobriety test. At least he passed.

But anyway, there we were, being entertained and nourished and enjoying the blissful absence of bickering that is the soundtrack to our lives. We moved upstairs after a while to get out of the wind and into the sports bar when the game was about to start. I had a sushi roll that was so delicious, so sublime, so perfect that I made yummy noises with every bite and with every breath in between bites.

It was a perfect date, with potential to be an epically awesome night of grown up fun.

Yet I couldn’t wait to get home.

It's not my relationship, people. It's my book. I can't put it down!

I hadn't been able to pick it up since the day before when I was forced to set it aside before my hair turned into snakes at the salon (bam!). It was a pivotal moment. I had been sitting there under the dryer in my little shower cap, one hand clapped dramatically across my mouth, eyes wide, squirming to get through the scene when suddenly it was time to go shampoo. Then I met the family for dinner on my way home, then we met our new neighbors for a drink after dinner, then when we got home I realized that the book was still in the car and I went nigh nigh. Saturday was a whirlwind of activity, as per usual, and thus there I was, finally able to kick back and enjoy some leisure time, but I was out when I really really really really really wanted to be in.

I had two things going for me: first: my husband gets me. Even though he likes to tell that I'm boring when I read, he understands that my glazed over eyes were not going to focus. Second: the Padres are an abomination and it was truly painful to watch that game. So we went home! And I got to read! Until I fell asleep! on the couch. at ten.

I found some time to dig in on Sunday, and even though I had to back up and review a few details that might have become somewhat blurry in my memory after those Saturday afternoon drinks, I got a nice fat chunk of that tome under my belt that day.

On Monday, of all things, I had to go to work. Annoying. Then I had to rush through the gym and dinner and packing up my boy for the adventure he's off to find, and shower and yada yada yada yada MILES of muck to murck through before I could get back to my boyfriend book!

Now it's Tuesday. And here I am with you. We've established that I'd rather be reading this book than enjoying a beachfront date with my husband, working, spending time with my children, doing housework, watching baseball, eating sushi......


See you Friday.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh how I loved that book. I didn't put it down for three days. 'Course I have no children, nor the Pacific Ocean nearby, nor a tv.......

But I do have a husband who gets me too. During my rare bathroom or wine-filing breaks, he'd just ask, "Good one, huh?"

Happy Reading!


mom c said...

I loved it too - took me forever - I hated to see it end... mom

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Really, Stephen King? Really? I was so going to beg you to lend this incredible book to me tomorrow, after you finished it tonight, so that I could take it with me to New Orleans ;-) But, um, that guy really scares me.

Hmm, I *thought* I got you, but, well, it turns out I don't. I had no earthly!



Me, You, or Ellie said...

Beth, I got that reaction one hundred million times when I was reading it, and I meant to write a blog about it, defending Stephen King. But, well, I didn't.

The guy can spin a tale, baby.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh, no question, he's an *amazing* writer. And so prolific. I'm just a scardy cat ;-)


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh, but this is not a scary book. Just a really awesome one.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Hmm, good to know because when you combine "Stephen King" with this tidbit from Jacquie, "one hand clapped dramatically across my mouth, eyes wide," well, you know it sounds a bit sca-wee.

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh, that. Right. Actually, I meant to ask Jacquie which part that was...........


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Beth, it was an exciting/dramatic/nervewracking moment to be sure, and SK has the gift of putting you right in that moment.

And in the interest of full disclosure, I was reading it on the ipad, which has a cover for slamming, lol.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Well now that I know that it is NOT scary and about a time traveler who attempts to prevent the assassination of John F. Kennedy, well, now I've gotta read it!

I know, I know, where have I been? Not consulting the best sellers lists, obviously ;-)