Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Central American love letter

I just arrived back from Belize a little before midnight last night. It was a great trip. On many levels.

One of those being the ego boost the trip provided.

Here is some tangible proof.

Phone number blocked out to protect the privacy of my man Sebastian

Yes, it's a bit creepy. Especially the "unforgetable hug" part. But I do admit I love the "Bethy" touch, it takes me right back to childhood. And the "nice lady" comment? Priceless. Plus the fact that Sebastian is 20 years younger and 5 inches shorter than me, and that he dropped this off to me, folded up into a tight little square, with my mom lying right next to me on the beach  is somewhat endearing. Or maybe only creepy. Either way it makes for good blog fodder.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

That is really, really weird. I don't even know what sort of questions I should ask! I hope a longer telling is forthcoming. Welcome home!

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Betty! You are so beautiful and looking nice!

So? How *was* that unforgettable hug, prettyness?

And I, too, feel something special for you, Betty, nice lady.

20 years younger? Pffft. That's nothing. I think you should bring him to America, sweetness.


Pat said...

And Julio really missed you last night but perked up when I gave him the coconut rum you left him.
Love, Mom

Beth said...

I rechecked the original, and the first name is definitely bethy, with an "h." The second one? Not so sure, it may be betty. Betty I'm not too into. I mean who wants to be just another Betty?

That said, I'm sure that he delivers a very similar note to at least 5 Betties a week. Although he may or may not feel something special for all of them.

And Ellie, there was NO unforgetable hug, are you kidding me? He acually asked me for one another time he stopped by on the beach, and I had to tell him, that it would just be too weird!! (And creepy. Although I kept that to myself.)

Anonymous said...

Bethy, you never told me about your three-way blog. So happy I found. Sebastian always wanted to try 3-way. You have cajones grandes to scan my letter prettyness. Sebastian like cajones grandes. Please send pics.

Beth said...

Well Sebastian, the 2 minutes total that we conversed did not lend itself to me telling you about the blog.

And the 'no' to a hug is not very encouraging for a 'yes' to a 3-way.

But maybe Jacquie or Ellie will send some pics.