Tuesday, January 15, 2013

rock star outtakes

A couple of my sistahs and me had a rock star adventure this weekend. We've had more than a few adventures together, we three. Some are spontaneous, like the time we ran away to Arizona without pants while our pretty little city tried not to burn down. Others are planned by date but not destination, like we do regularly for birthdays and big time Hollywood movie premieres. Plans for this most recent adventure had been born way back on September 28 when Mary sent a four word email with an event link and the subject line: Did someone say Abba!?!?!?  

The replies were swift and resounding:

I'm in!
This dancing queen is so there.

Finally, the day arrived and off we set, missing our fourth friend but psyched to be heading out to the Indian Gaming Resort for a good old fashioned disco slumber party. 

Each of us had  thrown something into our suitcases that we thought was either ridiculous, or just the perfect thing for an ABBA cover band at the Indian Casino. Missy took her something out of the bag, it was an off the shoulder polyester dress with an insanely dizzying pattern of colored zig zaggy lines. I could not believe my eyes, because my something was a shirt that tied into a jaunty knot atop my navel... in the same exact pattern. I shit you not. You'll see. Mary took the prize, though. She pulled out a supersnazzy glittering spectacle of wonders that came with matching headgear!

Rock stars.

Two of us wore our somethings out that evening. Who were we to tempt the disco gods when so clearly presented with a miracle?

Mary agreed to doll up in her outfit just for a photo shoot (rock star) in the room, and we opted for the classic Charlie's Angels pose, because obviously.

I had noticed the photo booth app on Missy's iphone while thumbs upping Waterloo on pandora, and suggested we use it to create those fun, funky strips of a photo series. We see them all the time on facebook, we'd all posed for them before, it's easy! Yay! Being the only three rock stars in the room, we decided to use the mirror to check ourselves and catch the reflection on camera (phone).

So you just press the button then go switch...switch...switch when it's time to strike a new pose. 


Hooo boy. Somehow we never got four shots! We could not do it. There was obviously something wrong with the app. It had nothing to do with the 3pm martinis or the smuggled lemonatas or operator error. Stupid app.

We moved on to the camera. We thought we should make a Mary sandwich between the matching disco prints, but I argued that I needed a fabulous pose since I was the only one not showing any leg candy. I wanted the camera to be my gun, up high over my head. We looked amazing in the mirror.

I'm leaving these photos unedited, because that's what makes them so completely awesome.

got the basic idea, but lots of carpet and no camera gun in sight. I kept saying "sorry about my armpits"

Take two... physically forcing the giggles to stay at bay...

starting to lose the battle, shaking with laughter


rock stars. with lasers.

Okay, so that wasn't working. We thought we'd try the self timer! It took me a while to figure it out, but then I did it!

I looked like a maniac though, so we went to try again because I already knew how to do it


Oh, how I love these girls.
We had a great time at the show. Most of the audience looked like this

while we looked like this

and helped stage a disco coup by commandeering an unoccupied area on the side of the stage for our dance floor. We badly frightened the boy/cop in charge, but our crowd grew and grew til the band had no choice but to let us sing in their mics, and the surly spectators had no choice but to chair dance in time.

What fun!

In the morning, we laughed about how inept we'd been with the photo booth thing, and we thought we'd prove our sobriety
prowess by snapping one final series on our way back to the real world.
Love, love, love my rock stars. Can't wait for the next adventure!


Me, You, or Ellie said...

How incredibly festive and fancy! You three are so adorably awesome, and only just a *tiny* bit crazy. Love the outfit, love the poses, love the shaking camera.

And I'm so impressed by your coup! Did the band *really* let you sing in their mics? I mean, that is *big*, people.

Love. What fun!

Beth said...

I had the same reaction as Ellie, did you really commandeer the side stage area, attact a fabu dancing crowed, then get yourselves on stage and a hold of a mic? Oh, how awesome if so.

If not, it is entirely enough that you scared the boy/cop. That seems to get easier each year ;)

You three are quite the trio. And the matching zig zaggy pattern? Who would even belive that?! (I mean, you obviusly have ample proof, but geez, that's some kind of cray cray!


Missy Kroeger said...

I'm still giddy from our fun! And YES - we totally rocked "The Sounds of ABBA's" mic, after about 50 people came running down the aisles after we started dancing Stage Left. I so want to start my own band - YEAH, that's the next adventure! It's my birthday next... Now for a venue!
XOXO - until the next Rock Star Adventure!