Monday, February 10, 2014

monday camera dump

 My camera is full of food these days! It's almost like a theme for a blog post. If only I had the wherewithal, just once, to actually photograph a beginning and a middle and an end.

Oh well.

Let's start with an end. Look:

I bought myself a mini muffin pan, and made adorable superbowl snacks

on the left: corndog muffins, on the right, mac & cheese bites

The next two photos have absolutely nothing to do with small muffin shaped food, the superbowl, or anything that could pass as a segue. But look:

We got rid of the broken ping pong table and installed this.

I use it to dry towels. Don't you love bougainvillea?
 Here is what I see every day at the intersection that takes 2 years:

It's boring.
For three days this week, my car was full of this:
It stunk of cardboard.
I did some cooking this weekend, and it was all so pretty and festive looking. I knew it would make perfect blog fodder.

Then I forgot to take all the other photos. That was really yummy soup.

Finally, I wanted to show you how my boy and I perfected our salsa recipe and make mass quantities of the most delectable, fresh, spicy, delightful concoction. It's an easy recipe so I made sure to snap a shot of the prepped ingredients before they were ceremonially dumped into my Ninja blender for their transformation:

Ay yi yi

Aaaaaaand scene.

I know.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

You funny, Jacquie.

Hey, who cares. It's all beautiful and lovely and fabulous. And bright and festive.

And I still maintain that if Mistah Schleckah saw you with those mac-'n'-cheese bites, he would knock you to the floor to get at 'em.



Beth said...

Oh yes, well they definitely were knock-down worthy. I had myself one or five.

I hope that Eric pitched in for the new towel rack, lord knows he was a part of the ping pong table's demise.


mom said...

I'd be fighting Schleckah and Beth for those mac 'n cheese bites. Hmm, think I'll get me a mini muffin pan for your visit! xoxo mom