Monday, February 3, 2014

You Want A Super Bowl Party?

I'll show you a Super Bowl Party.

First? An apéritif.

Then, first course. Scungile salad with a bottle of a light, delicious white wine . . .

. . . Whoopsie! Wrong bottle . . .

There we go.

Second course. Smoked bluefish, olives, and a lovely bottle of white wine. I think this may have been the White Burgundy.

And now? Time to prep for dinner.

 Can't you just smell this lime?

(Yes, Mistah took that photo. Of course he did. That's why it's the best one.)

Garlic, natch.

Onions, of course.

Oh, and mushrooms. Beautiful mushrooms.

Is anyone al-LER-gic to mushrooms?

A party isn't a party, if you're Mistah, without bitter greens. The bitter-er, the better.

Time to start cooking.

Those very selfsame onions and garlic . . .

. . . and mushrooms . . .

. . . sautée themselves into phantasmagorical glory.

And a little red wine never hurt.

The broccoli rabe's not so bad, either.

And, oh. Oh! The lobster ravioli and mushroom ravioli.

Oh, people. Oh. The smells, the sounds, the atmosphere.

Remind me how anyone lives without six burners?

Double ravioli glory, that's what we call this one.

Mistah was outside grilling the salmon in the dark. That photo exists only in our minds' collective eye.

And then, just like that . . .

. . . perfection.

Show us what you've got, Schleck . . .

Oh yeah.

Happy Super Bowl, my friends.

And finally . . .

. . . dessert.

And what about the game, you ask?

Don't Touch That Dial.

Got it covered.


Noelle said...

Who cares about the game with that feast! Absolutely divine!

Me, You, or Ellie said...

I am starving, quite literally, to death.

Nice knowing you.



Beth said...

Pssst, Ellie, I saw a post this morning i which Jacquie stated that she would pay a million dollars for a burger and a beer; can you even IMAGINE the pay off would be for you feast?!?!

(You may want to get on that!)

Seriously, looks amazing!!!!! And so much classier than the prefab salami and cheese plate I picked up 5 minutes before the kick off. You guys know how to party, that's for sure.


Beth said...

(You may want to get on that before she dies.)

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Aw man! I have blown my chance for a million dollars by already eating my feast!

Unless I can interest you in some super awesome lefties, Jacquie??


mom said...

So delicious looking, much fancier than the tacoes at our Super Bowl party..... xo mom

Unknown said...

Hmmmmm never thought to travel north for Super Bowl....just may have to now!!