Monday, June 8, 2015

Asheville Wrap-Up

I know I know. Asheville. More. Again. Still. But I cannot stop. There is so much more.........

There was Wednesday, on Julie's Porch . . .

. . . Colleenie's Birthday Wednesday, no less, at the bar later . . .

. . . when all the peeps were starting to gather.

As I told these two, "This is the greatest photo ever taken."

And then, well then there was Thursday, and Julie's Magical Porch . . .

. . . and Mom's Magical Porch with The Cronins Girls!!

And the Adorbs.

And our gractous, gorgeous, glorious guests of honor.

And us!

Oh, how we love us.

And then Friday! Jane!! And Sheila!

And me. And one of my darling nieces.

Oh! That reminds me of a story. On Julie's wedding day, when Julie and her daughters, and her mom, and her sisters, and her nieces -- the whole 11 of us womenfolk -- gathered in the bridal suite before The Big Moment, Jacquie's girl and I were standing next to eachother, and she observed to me, "Aunt Julie only has two nieces!" We agreed that was a sad and terrible state of affairs for poor Aunt Julie. Daughters schmaughters. Nieces are where it's at, baby. I got me four.

And . . . how do you even segue to the ever-present A-Bags . . .

. . . and the Littles!

. . . and these two. How I love these two . . .

. . . and how Mistah loves these four . . .

. . . I kept saying to everybody that evening, "Everywhere I look, I see people I love."

Backsides included.

Cousins and aunties and uncles most definitely included.

Mom and her old pals most certainly included.

Doug?? Oh, included.

Carrboro Girls! Oh, so included!

It was such a magical night.

My 2001-born niece-and-nephew concur:

And then later that night?

Oh who am I kidding? Asheville Wrap-up? I'm still on Friday night . . .


jacquie said...

These photos are sheer brilliance, I love all of the various mash up of lovely people whom I *also* love.


mom said...

Love it, can't get enough of it....xoxo

Beth said...

Ha, I was going to say....that's IT for the Asheville photos? I think not ;)

So much to love in all these photos (and so much love in all these photos). The one of LaLa Girl and Mistah may well be the greatest photo ever taken! Ironically, Mistah did not take it. (Unless it's a selfie, which knowing Mistah's skill, it could be ;)

And viewing the photos again, it's looking as though only Jane followed the instructions to write her name on her cup! What's up with that?


Me, You, or Ellie said...

No, *I* took it! I meant to make that clear, and I did not. *I* took the greatest photo ever taken, thank you very much.

I found the only purple cup at the party so I did not deign to write my name on my cup. Plus, rules don't apply to me. I do know, however, that Colleenie's cup read Co-MOH. She must have had that side facing herself, I guess, so she could remember who she was.



jacquie said...

My cup said "the original JCK" and Julie's said "brideykins"