Monday, October 8, 2018

Here's Hoping

Saturday was the 13th annual Terri Brodeur Breast Cancer Foundation marathon walk across southeastern Connecticut.

It was so very good.

It's a great Foundation, it's peopled by amazing volunteers and leaders, 100% of fundraising dollars go directly to breast cancer research, the grant recipients are *amazing* docs who are making a difference, today, now, as we speak.

It is so good. And it was such a great day. Those walkers? They walk and they walk and they walk and they arrive at the end and they have single-handedly raised money for breast cancer research and nothing is better than that.

photo cred: tbbcf fb page

Our amazing and incredible keynote speaker Johanna D'Addario spoke of Hope.


It was brilliant and heartfelt and eloquent and I'm trying. But man, it's can be hard to have Hope right now. You know, because of being completely heartsick over the misogyny and bigotry and greed and disregard . . . Gah. All of that.

But I'm trying. I'm trying to Hope. And the TBBCF is nothing if not about Hope. And the foundation is making a difference. We are making a difference.

So Here's Hoping.

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Dawnie said...

So damn hard to be positive and optimistic and to hope, Ellie-girl, but we won't give up, will we? We need only look around for opportunities to do the right thing. Thanks for giving so much to TBCCF. xoxo