Friday, May 29, 2009

Beth, interrupted

I've known it's my turn to post this Friday since my arrival here at the hospital just after midnight on 5/27.

But somehow here I am scrambling to get the post put together. How can this be?!

I've had hours and hours of hospital time, complete downtime, in which to get this done. But unbelievably I've been busy; between changing rooms 3 times, filling out the next day's menu choices, staying connected via my fabulous new iPhone (which I was insistent on getting after my LAST surprise hospital stay), and becoming completely addicted to HGTV (thanks, Ron), I've also met with my realtor to sign disclosure documents for the pending sale of my condo, hosted all four of my coworkers in this tiny (3rd) room, finished a book and started another, had an impromptu birthday party with my kids, husband, and mom, AND managed to rearrange the plans (some involving cross country travel) of 60 plus people planning on attending a wedding celebration this Saturday night (but let me just say that I DID think the party could proceed without the bride). This was all in addition to the requisite hospital stuff, like getting steroid shots in the ass at 2 AM, having a level II ultrasound, continuous fetal heartbeat and uterine contraction monitoring, and the repeated blood pressure and temperature checks.

Granted, I've got another 36 plus hours to go, but maybe tomorrow's edition of "Curb Appeal" will be as riveting as today's and the choice of lunch entrées even more agonizing.

Thanks so much to all my visitors, and everyone who has called and emailed. You are lifting me up and making the time fly by.

I'm looking forward to seeing you all on the outside!

(note from the ghostwriter: an iphone is swell and stuff, but it apparently can not publish to blogger, so Beth had to e-mail her post to me for processing. I resisted the urge to editorialize throughout, but I will tell you what she has not, and what you are certainly wondering: Beth and baby are okay, and plan to stay that way for many more months. Or at the very least, for six more weeks, during which time Beth will be lounging horizontally, hopefully at home. We love you, Beth! And I'm sure we love you too, baby, but we don't know you yet and so far you are being a little bit of a pain in the ass)


Debbie said...

I am so happy to hear you and baby are both fine. Bed rest is not a picnic but I always felt like I was accomplishing something! Each day felt like a small victory.

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Aw, poor you Beth. So busy!!! Take care of your horizontal self, wouldja?

Nice comment, ghostwriter. You're cracking me up.


MB said...

We're all thinking about you, Beth, and Little Ms. Herself. Hope you're both out of the hospital soon. And belated Happy Birthday wishes!
Love, Mary Beth