Monday, May 11, 2009

what it's all about

One day at the beach, Uncle Bill (that’s Mistah Schlekah to some of you) took the kids for a little jaunt down to the rock jetty. For some reason, we were not in bathing suits – it must have been winter or late or something. But they came back soaking wet, and when I questioned the decision they had made to partake in whatever activity had resulted in the sandy wetness, my girl retorted: “But Uncle Bill said that’s what it’s all about!”

This has become a catch phrase in our family, a line we use a lot, and it helps to ground us when we get too caught up in whatever it’s not about.

This year, Mother's Day Mothers' Day The Day of the Mutha was a celebration of what it’s all about. I knew exactly what I wanted from this day, and the universe did not disappoint.

It began with the requisite ceremonial awakening and bestowing of gifts. I love the school-made gifts. I’ve collected quite a few over the years:

clockwise from top: last year's still life by my girl, the boy's puzzle frame circa 2006, heartbreakingly goofy framed photo of my boy in 2005, group project potted flower children, and a portrait of me done by my girl, featuring a photo of the artist at work

This year’s crop was the best yet. My girl, in second grade, still employs the crafty approach, and her creative spelling made the sentiments that much more endearing:

If you ever receive a card from someone in my family, the back will say: "You Rock"

In fourth grade, more finesse is required. My boy’s project was less craft, more composition.

My other request for my special morning was to enjoy fruit salad -which was lovingly and thoughtfully prepared last night - by me - before heading off to the gym.

Fruit salad? check.

Gym? check.

The overcast sky did not dampen my enthusiasm for the next leg of our quest toward mommypaloooza. The beach beckoned. My stipulations were that my husband drive (and park), and that we'd first grab a bite at our favorite oceanfront eatery. I'd had my eye on one of these:

Have you ever seen anything more appealing? mmmmm. That's cranberry juice in there next to the champers. Lovely!

We had parking mojo, we had table mojo, and just as our empty plates were cleared, the sun burned right through that overcast sky and opened up the world's most beautiful day.

I am really digging the mom thing these days. My kids are old enough to be self-sufficient and can generally be trusted not to do anything stupid enough to ruin the day, like drown or get kidnapped. They headed out with their boogie boards

They tore it up out there

And when they had something to report or exclaim, each one sought out the other

before heading out for more

I was left to smile from the comfort of my chair, pumping my fist with every triumph, sipping drinks with my husband, and reveling in the day, the kids, the beach, this life.

And that, my friends, is what it's all about.


Anonymous said...

As a mutha... You Rock! Happy Mother's Day (belated)

The Blue Ridge Gal

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Ach, Jacquie. This makes my heart sing. In 3-part harmony.

I loved your reaction to that first utterance of "Uncle Bill says that's what it's all about" (which we remember as being uttered by your boy, but that's not important right now). You just shrugged your shoulders and said, "Well, who am I to argue with that?" and let them carry right on. Getting sandier and wetter....

I love the handmade cards, although, tragically, I can't enlarge your girl's card, or the montage of cards. Your boy's letter, though? Rocks.

As do you. What a great day!

Love you,

Me, You, or Ellie said...

I love that you got just what you wanted on Mother's day. You are at one with the universe, no doubt.

And I love how you know what it's all about, and actually go with it. I know what it's all about, usually, but sometimes don't give into it....

Oh, and you do rock!

pam said...

What a great day you had!! I miss San Diego!!

xup said...

Momminess does have it's moments, doesn't it? Especially as they become more and more independent and you can clearly envision them leaping off the edge of that nest and having the whole thing to yourself to stretch out in.