Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Hodgepodge

In no particular order and for no particular reason, I offer the following:

1. Puppyhood is fleeting. Doggies are all grown up by the time their first birthday rolls around. Since the day we welcomed our little Moki beast to the family, the kids have been counting her age in months, just like a wee baby. They impatiently counted the time until her first birthday, and spent many hours speculating about the plans that should be made for the big event. The most popular options were that we’d either make her a cheese sculpture (?) or give her a waffle, which is apparently the way we honored our poor departed Porgie on her last birthday of this earth. It was quite a shock to realize that this most significant of days had come… and very nearly gone before we even remembered. We were having a great time visiting with our neighbors, and had just told the kids that it was time to go because the poor dog had been outside all night. As we packed up, someone mentioned the date, and we gasped in horror.

Poor Moki. Look how she scorns us.

So she’s a full-fledged dog now, all growed up.
She can sit at the table like a big girl and... um, eat plants.

She likes to be up on stuff. Upon stuff.

She’s very neglected and generally unloved.

2. My children bicker and argue and lament and annoy each other to the point of my desperation. When this occurs in the car, while we are all strapped in and trapped in the enclosed space, my new recourse is to play Abba at full volume. This is torture for some people. Not for me. I am the dancing queen.

3. Speaking of the magical, peacebringing powers of Abba, behold one of the best scenes in all of moviedom:

I hope you know Muriel and all the angst and woe that has brought her to that moment, and that you love it when she starts to let go and get her groove on. Genius.

4. Speaking of movies, I hope you have seen:

Empire Records
Johnny Dangerously
Run, Lola, Run
And of course, Muriel’s wedding

5. New belts were acquired this week, and are being treated with the respect and dignity that they merit

6. As if I needed another addiction at Trader Joe's

7. Now go forth and Memorialize something. Or memorize something. Or something.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Dear Dancing Queen,

I'm a little confused regarding the cheese sculpture, doesn't it make your boy recoil in disgust?

Happy belated to Moki -- she's such a beauty.

And finally, I've not seen a single movie listed, but will now go forth and memorize them, well, at least until they're added to my Netflix queue.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Wow, Jacquie. That is one hodgepodge chock full of love.

I asked an Australian friend one time, "What's the deal with Australians and Abba?" He said, "You can't answer that question. That's like asking, 'What's the deal with Americans and the Beatles?'"

Your children and your puppy-dog are enormous.

And, finally, thank you. Once again, you have put a tune in my head I will be humming all day long.


julie said...

My Hodgepodge Contribution:

I have not seen Muriel's wedding, so that clip leaves me... uh... intrigued. Is the brunette the actress from 6 feet under and Brother's and Sisters? who is Australian but in both those roles plays an American?

Run, Lola, Run is one of my all-time faves. I also dig Empire Records. I can't remember what else you said. Go? wusthat?

On St. John, Puerto Rican pleasure boaters (whom Mike referred to as the Puerto Rican Navy) would anchor their big ass yachts at Big Maho and blast Abba so loud you couldn't breathe. So apparently it's Australians and Puerto Ricans that love Abba. And Germans love David Hasselhoff. And Spam is gourmet fare somewhere in Asia. And some other class of foreigners bid big money on U.S. tumbleeweed on Ebay. Go figger.

Me, You, or Ellie said...


Tumbleweeds? Really? Fort Davis is full of tumbleweeds. You mean we could have been selling them online and making money, instead of picking them off our fence?? Now you tell me.

Yes, that's Rachel Griffiths in "Muriel" -- you've got to see that movie. It's a great one. I've never seen "Lola" although it's been on my list forevah. I think the guy who made that has a recent new movie out. Oh yeah, "The International". I've never seen "Go" either.

And, finally, in the list of odd-US-things-that-other-countries-glom-onto, don't forget the French and Jerry Lewis. I have never understood that one.


Kathi D said...

Muriel's Wedding is fab--in fact, we may never have seen an Australian comedy we didn't love.

You are so right about the fleeting nature of dogs' lives. Our pups are 10 months old and already look nothing like their baby pictures. Also, 14-year-old Bonnie's very favorite food is waffles.

Debbie said...

I think kids know we are almost powerless in the car. Kudos for finding a solution!

KG said...

Oooh! I have GOT to try the avocado halves at Trader Joe's. My son loves avocado in a major way and I can only imagine his joy at trying those.

And happy birthday, Moki. I hope you get your ... cheese sculpture(?!) you've always wanted!

Rita said...

Moki is one big and funny dog. Liz goes around singing Dancing Queen. My girls are big ABBA fans, that form of punishment would not work on them, lol. I have to turn up Dylan to make them uncomfortable, because while I love Dylan and love to sing along with Dylan, his voice was not intended to be heard at high volume.

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Beth! You've seen none of those? Ohh, that's a good list. Although you do tend to hate the movies I recommend, so take it all with a grain of salt.

And that's Toni Colette dancing with Rachel Griffiths. I've loved her in every thing she's ever done.

Tranny - have yet to try the avocados, can you see from the photo that they are frozen? But it says that they are halved and flash frozen, so should thaw out nicely!


Lola said...

Happy belated birthday, Moki!! It appears I'm a puppyholic, since we just added Stella to the chaos. Oh, hell, I knew I was a puppyholic, but she's it, really, I swear.

I loved Muriel so, and I've been living my own version of Run, Lola, Run this entire month. Thanks for stopping by the other day!