Friday, July 16, 2010

I-TAM Update

It's a global phenomenon, sweeping the world, spreading like wildfire.

As you probably know. Look around you: everywhere you look people are wearing T-shirts. It is, afterall, International T-Shirt Appreciation Month.

Let's see what our favorite T-shirt-wearing Mistah has come up with since we last checked in on him.

When we saw him last, it was the Fourth of July. The very beginning of the month. Child's play, really: who can't come up with four good T-shirts? Today's the 16th, though. And the boys have been separated from the Mistahs.

July 5 -- Celebrating UConn's first national championship; the boys did it on MarkDowd's birthday.

July 6 -- The Florida Keys, sigh.

July 7 -- Where I'm gainfully employed. Not a bad place for a beer, either.

July 8 -- Asheville NC's own Thomas Wolfe.

July 9 -- the start of Sailfest Weekend.

That's a much more appropriate pose for Sailfest.

July 10 -- Sailfest Saturday and possibly my favorite photo of Mistah of all time.

July 11 -- Sailfest Sunday, with an undated Sailfest T-shirt, which we think is 1985.

July 12 -- Sailfest Monday with a "Yesterday Fest" T-shirt - get it?

July 13 -- Cooper Island is one of the 3 Caribbean islands we went to on our honeymoon. Which means this T-shirt is about 6000 years old.

July 14 -- in honor of the inimitable Mr. Dibble.

July 15 -- Love those Florida state parks.
What would we do without Florida state parks?

July 16 -- Sporting WCNI, this morning. Schleckah's been working on a freelance story for months now. I think he'll average about 2¢ a word. Keeps him off the streets though.

And that's it. Until our next installment. Pretty impressive, don't you think?
Now get out there, people, and sport those T-shirts!


Me, You, or Ellie said...

1. Love the purple Marfa Shorthorns T; it goes so well with the wine.

2. Not much to say here, you know how much I enjoy colleage, er, any basketball. But happy belated birthday to MarkDowd.

3. Sigh, indeed.

4. Ah, Scha-fee-eh. Gotta love that, and the Dutch, of course.

5. Reminds me of Kingsolver's The Lacuna

6. Love both shots, and I'm glad it's only 8:55 am or I'd be really, really thirsty.

7. Of all time. For sure.

8. Undated, love it!

9. I don't get it. (Yes, yes, of course I do. Good ol' Gold Head Branch State Park and their clever festivals.)

10. Um, Mistah, that looks like Ellie's shirt!

11. Very offical.

12. The matching camo cuzi perfectly complements the T.

13. Very, very intent look on Mistah's face. He is surely going to have earned all those pennies.

I can hardly wait untiil the next installment!


Me, You, or Ellie said...

I love this, Beth. Nice job on the homework assignment.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Just look at all of this gratifying Mr. Mistah! A most excellent t-shirt assortment, and a most lovely post, my little ellie schnookie poopie pie!