Tuesday, April 19, 2011


This is not the house we're staying in on Chincoteague Island.

It's across the street from the house we are staying at, but we can't stop staring it, because it's so cool looking. It's got the quintessential Chincoteague, tiny, 2-story, deeply-pitched roof architecture, it's got loads of gorgeous daffodils in front, and frankly, we think it may be haunted.

There are other things to do in Chincoteague, too, though. There are fishing boats to gaze upon . . .

. . . I love the look of fishing boats, although I cannot ever figure out what all the tall masts are for.

They just look so cool.

Hey, there's Mistah Schleckah!

There is also water, everywhere you look.

Water water everywhere . . .

. . . and not a drop to drink.

Oh, there's plenty of other stuff to drink, though . . .

. . . plenty.

And also? There's the spectacular Island of Assateague a couple of miles away, 33 miles of National Seashore that you can walk on forever and ever . . .

I love to walk on the beach forever and ever . . .

. . . and so does my little friend Birdie.

Our first full day here was cloudy and windy -- those crazy thunderstorms that wracked the country hit us here too -- but that was a great day for walking the beach forever and ever . . .

. . . just ask my little friend Birdie.

I think I actually kept both feet on the ground, though . . .

. . . Birdie? Not so much.

It's a spectacular place, and Mistah, Westy and I are all having a fabulous time.

And so are our neighbors.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Whatcha doing down there, El? Do you have friends down that way?

It is gorgeous, no? I used to spend my summers on the Maryland shore, (aka Ocean City, which is so not Chincoteague Island), and my roommate had a boat, and we'd go out on it and gaze upon the most northerly part of Assateague Island. We'd get really close and you could sometimes see those wild ponies frolicking around.

(Man, I loved that book. You know the one I'm talking about.)

Enjoy your stay!


Me, You, or Ellie said...

That is one gorgeous place! Looks coooooold, but grand. I love water, water everywhere. It's just exactly what I always want to fill my eyeballs with. That, and you and little mr. schlekah-pie. I miss you bastids.


Judy Knowles said...

We were there years ago with our kids. Camped on Assateague with the wild ponies all over the campground. Kind of like the Key Deer at BPKFL.


a Salisbury (MD) grad stuck in Central PA said...

Ahhh...thanks for taking me back to the Eastern Shore, hon.

Just last Fall we loaded up the kids (sans a Westy) and headed to Crisfield, MD, which is also surrounded by water and a 30 min. drive to Assateague. Loved seeing the horses, walking on the beaches, and then visiting the quaint shops in the quaint downtown.
You should buy a few chicken necks and string and catch yourself a fine crab dinner :)

I miss my college days on the Eastern Shore...