Tuesday, April 26, 2011

San E-lovely

We went to San Elijo for part of this eternal Spring Break.

It's no secret that we love San Elijo. We meaning my little fam-damily, but also we meaning me, you, and Ellie.  What's not to rave about?

It is one of the best places there is.

March, 2011

Commanding bluffs, cascading waves, sumptuous sand, comfortable camp....

convenient camp store full of junk food

Passersby to bark at (it took us a little while to realize that we'd tied the dog in such a manner that she could merrily and jauntily greet everyone who used the path to the ocean).

And when the sun goes down on your first partial day, you know it's just starting to get good.

Autumn and her kids came by for a visit that first night, I told her she only need to bring enough turkey burgers for her own peeps, so she brought 1.doritos  and 2. strawberries. And vodka.

we had a nice dinner visit

They didn't stay too late. Maybe they were hungry. We had a fairly typical first-night-of-camping sleep, working out the kinks. Getting used to those crashing wave lullabies.

Mornings in San Elijo mean many things to many people. Morning in San Elijo means donuts for many people*. But mornings in San Elijo mean only one thing for me:

stair sprints, baby
These drills serve the dual purpose of feeding my exercise jonze and giving me solid justification to start drinking tecate before noon. Con limon.

*Ellie and Bill, rest assured that the kids went to the donut shop, of course they did. With their dad. And my girl brought her camera. But you know how I feel about fetching cameras and finding cords at times like these. Maybe she'll guest blog for us.

The kids found their own creative ways to pass lazy hours at the beach


On this night, we broke out the Lambrusco, all the way from Italy BevMo.

What on earth can a caption add? This photo is pure perfection.

You've seen plenty of tree porn here on MeYouEllie, but today I bring you gratuitous sunset blight

ACK, call the hair police. Also the sunscreen brigade.
Quick, more sunset

On our last full day, our peeps came up to join the fun!

Pellies marked their arrival

Soon my girl was surrounded by her young besties

And my boy had all of his....

Oh dear.

Awww, we got your boys right here!

And I got my girls.

And Car-Car was sporting Jidoo's old lid.

Birthday Boy!
Eventually, we moved the party upstairs to Westy Camp for a series of wonderfully strange and random photos:

Late that night, Autumn and I crashed among the piles of pillows and blankies and empty bottles and we laughed and we laughed and we laughed and we laughed.
Autumn thought this vision of high end lighting was the funniest thing she had ever seen.

What, pray tell, is so funny about a jumbled mess of birdie lights on a string?

You talkin to me?

The next morning, we headed home. And the skies cried their outrage. All over our stuff. That was really fun to unpack.

See you soon, San E!


unmitigated me said...

That boy has grown about a foot!

MB said...

What a fabulous Westy get-away, Jacq. I can't believe how much your kids have grown -- they're practically adults. Love all the pics. Miss you guys! xoxo

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Aw, San E. How I love this. Love love love.

I am *so* relieved your kids went on a Donut Quest (May I? O tanks: http://tinyurl.com/3bxl7t3) (Hmmm, that's not exactly tiny.....)

And speaking of which, your kids *are* huge. And so are your friends' kids. I can't believe Lu-lu: she's a teenager.

So lovely to see Autumn and Becky and Des, too. I *miss* you peeps!

And I miss that beautiful spot. And those beautiful sunsets.

Thanks for the joyful visit, sistah.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Okay, my hands down favorite photo is the one of Autumn, um, looking at Desiree. HA!

Glad to get the detes of your oceanfront camping trip. Can you say fab-u-los?

Loved seeing all the photos of all the peeps. I've just gotta see becky and greg's boy up close! Too cute.

Sorry, but you will not be able to keep me away next time. Work be damned ;-)


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh you must go next time, Elizabeth. For many many reasons, including I, at least, would love to see thoses Little Miss C's together. One is more ridiculously cute than the other....