Saturday, April 2, 2011

Weekend Photo Project: SportsNation

May I repeat myself? Go Huskies!

Well, I guess so, Ellie, but college basketball is so last month.
Let's talk West Coast baseball love...Can you see that facial tattoo?

Gonna have to side with Beth on this one. Look at Mr. Happy! Someone's on spring break :)


sports fan in Central PA said...

we are happy sports fans in this house...
we have a Phillies fan
we have an Orioles fan
we have 5 NCAA basketball fans:
one who wants UConn, two who want VCU, one for Butler and one for KY to win.
5 Penn State football fans (first Spring game in 2 weeks)
and a house full of lacrosse players.
Happy sports day everyone!

Mom C said...

How cute is my sweet son-in-law ... Mom