Wednesday, July 29, 2009

the scene

Last weekend, we joined my husband’s family in the fair city of Sacramento for a bi-annual reunion. At one point, one of the nephews mentioned that when he had told friends that he was going to a family reunion, they assumed that it was something to be endured rather than enjoyed. “The hell, you say” (he undoubtedly said), our family reunions are ragers!”
This year was no different. In the six or so years since the official reunions began, a most remarkable thing has happened…while we brothers and sisters and spouses got old and potentially boring, those little nieces and nephews all grew up into really fun party people! It was like back to college week, but without fear of scandal or humiliation because this is family, and you are expected to humiliate and scandalize yourself.

The massive volume of food and alcohol necessary to entertain this group for three days is impressive, but not as impressive as the solid consistency of the relationships that form and re-form over the years. As usual, my family is the farthest removed from the group both geographically and chronologically. My husband and I were each the youngest in our large families, and our kids are much younger than their cousins. We don’t see them as often as they see each other.

Some years, like this one, the difference is dramatic. My boy’s closest boy cousin is now 15, and I think he grew 14 feet since they last saw each other. I wondered if he would have outgrown his goofy little-kid cousin, but the two of them found a camaraderie bound by horrific video game murders and maximum velocity body tossing in the pool.

Likewise, my girl’s closest cohort is teetering on the brink of adolescence, and could easily have rolled her eyes at this 8 year old appendage that suddenly developed on her shapely young body. But the two girls were virtually inseparable for the duration, choreographing skits and games and adventures that left no room for the intrusion of well meaning yet totally dorky adults.

The older cousins divided their time between humoring the old dogs by teaching us new tricks, revisiting the skits and flips of their youth with the little ones, and stealing off on their own for scenes accompanied by the talk and laughter that cousins are uniquely equipped to compose.

Scenes from our reunion*:

*disclaimer: people who smile and strike poses in front of cameras tend to show up in more photos. people who hide from or behind cameras? not so much. and it's not MY fault there is no group shot, I'm just an in-law!

setting the stage: everyone had a cup adorned with their nickname and a representative drawing. mine was "whacquie jacquie" and the drawing was of me burying a body making a sandcastle

The pool was perpetually filled with small people making like hamsters in a wheel

and surrounded by shiny, happy people. day and night.

there were drinking games

even a byramid!


why do I always forget how fun drinking games can be? If only it was something I could enjoy with my own children. Wait.... well... nevermind about that.

who invited uncle fester?

beerpong is somehow more taxing in the light of day. It was difficult to force myself to participate

here's what it looked like when we tried to go somewhere:

it was worth it, though

there's something about that brown dog... can't put my finger on it...

Oh, did I not mention the wigs?


Me, You, or Ellie said...

What a few crew! It's so nice to see everyone -- well, mostly everyone -- again; they're all gigantic.

I really really can't wait until our nieces and nephews grow up so we can play beerpong with them. Maybe we can start to warm them up in the Poconos next week...

You look great, girlfriend. Love the bikini. And love your man's hairdo.


Hsin-Yi said...

Now if my family reunions were like that, I'd go! Mine are much more dull. Maybe it's cause I'm one of the few drinkers in the family. Or maybe it's cause they all speak Chinese....

Me, You, or Ellie said...

This post almost makes you want to go to Sacramento, in the summer, no less.

You guys sure do know how to have fun on both sides of the family!!

Glad to hear your kids fit right in with the beer pong crowd :-)


Buck [Buster] said...

Hey Corey's - have fun in the Poconos. Jacquie - looking forward to the photo's and the blog. Buck

Lola said...

You're right, that dog is definitely off...

Looks like a great time, other than the weird dog ;)

Kathi D said...

You old ones are not neither boring.

Trannyhead said...

Why does this look so much better than my last family function, in which I had to endure 3 hours of slideshow of family photos?