Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Warm and Sleeveless and Fancy

Okay, okay. Maybe I've got a touch of the Winter Doldrums . . .

After a fierce snowstorm on Saturday, it was as warm as spring around here yesterday, it stayed light until after 5:00, and, well, the ol' Spring Fever Juices started flowing.

But then I remembered it's only January.

So I went to the Dutch Tavern.

Wait a minute, that's not me; that's my niece and nephew. In the summer.

Oh, there I am, with said niece. I like to hug her face when I hug her.

I came across these photos the other day, and was so struck by the summerness of them. Like, we knew we were in summer, we loved summer, we were happy it was summer, but we weren't jumping up and down for joy because it was summer, which seems odd to me because that's what I'd be doing if it were summer today.

I love the sun streaming in the window, shining on everyone's oddly-tilted heads.

Our little friend here was about to undergo some fabulous 

And my nephew has grown a pint of Bass for a face.

Jacquie and her boy dropped the girl off with Jennie, and explored New London with Uncle Mistah Schleckah.

Downtown New London never looks better than it does from under the Whale Tail, don't you think?

Plus everyone's so warm.

Warm, and Fancified! But this isn't about the girl's hair, this is about her sleveelessness, and my sleevelessness, and everybody's sleevelessness, and how in summer you don't even think about sleeves.

Warm and sleeveless and fancy. Does it get any better than that? No, it does not.

Well, warm and sleeveless and fancy and at the Tavern.

C'mon in!


Dawnie said...

Sounds freaky, but with all this sleeveless talk, I can't help but think of your soft arms. Softest arms ever! Anyone else out there know about Ellie's arms???

Springer Kneeblood said...

Makes me want to move to New London. For the summer. And the whale. I love the whale. I never knew about the whale. Now I do.

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh, I'd *love* to come in right this very minute. But wait... it's warm here, it is decidedly UNwarm at the Dutch. So I'll wait til summer. Cracked up at the tilted head photos. Nice bra strap (me).

Love you! Miss you!

Still wearing tank tops,


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Love all those summery photos.

And I agree with Mr. Kneeblood, love that whale! Never before knew about the whale, but love it. Just one MORE reason to get to New London.

In July ;-)


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh, Dawnie.

Mr. Kneeblood and Beth -- we can all meet at the Whale Tail! I'll bring the booze.

Jacqueline, the Dutch is totally warm. Toasty. It's *outside* that's cold. Except not today.


Lisa S said...

Ooo, sorry so late to this post. Yes, I know how soft Ellie's arms are! Yummy.

Mom C said...

Ahhh summer...... mom