Tuesday, February 21, 2012


We have been on the lookout for an inexpensive used bicycle for my oldest daughter. Her girl bike is too little, but most women's bikes are too big. She's actually not the most accomplished bike rider, even though we live 2 blocks from some of the best beach cruising on earth. She hesitates when we suggest a bike ride because she so often finds her bike mired in the sand instead of headed forward on the bike path.

But not riding is not a solution. A better, bigger, but lighter bike is the answer. We think.

Hence the constant look-out for a new used ride.

My husband came home with one on Sunday. He was excited about it. It was kinda cool, but still too little. He took the rejection quite well, and invited me to come along to return the bike with him. Turns out a guy on the next block buys and sells all sorts of used bikes. His yard was a beat-up cruiser showroom. There must have been 15 bikes or more.

I immediately started lifting all the girl cruisers. She needed the lightest one he had. Turns out that Phat bikes are actually the skinniest (or the lightest anyway). There was a white and a blue. I took the blue one home to my girl. She was hesitant, but rode it around even though the seat had not yet been lowered and her feet dangled above the ground.

She took off and looked pretty good. She liked the color.

We decided to buy the ol' girl.

I went back to pay mr. neighbor.

There was another bike I had looked at but dismissed for my girl. It was not light enough, but it was pretty sweet. The color combo was really growing on me. I decided to take it for a ride. Then I decided to inquire as to its price. Then I decided I had to have it.  I took it home for a bit to think about it. While returning it, I ran into my husband coming home with my girl's bike.

He was irate when I told him my plan. "You're buying that bike?!" He could not believe it. We already have plenty of bikes. In fact we have three adult bikes: two beach cruisers and a road bike. But guess what? All three are his bikes. Yes, yes, okay, it's true, he did give his beloved old red dyno glide cruiser to me. It's a true classic. But all the same, it still feels like his to me. And it's red. And the handle bar grips are kind-of sticky.

I wanted my own beat up beach cruiser. So, irate husband be damned. I bought her.

Isn't she gorgeous?

Okay, so mine isn't exactly the same.

The seat has been changed from its sweet leather original to a taped up Cionilli.
But the non-sticky leather grips remain, as do those sunny tire rims and vanilla-bean paint job.

I think she's gorgeous, and she's all mine. Plus she's is beat up to the point that she is not a total flight risk. Winning!


Pat said...

She is gorgeous! Won't we by a pair when I get out there...mine is robin egg's blue
Love, Mom

Me, You, or Ellie said...

those are some righteous wheels! I need a bike, I should come visit your neighbor... happy trails!

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh, Beth, that is a sweet sweet new machine, my friend. Just gorgeous. And look how much your littlest girl loves her!

You tell that irate husband to shoosh and enjoy the sight of you cruising 'round the hood on your new machine. You and your girl together, beach-cruisin'-buds.

Just *love*. Love the bikes. Love 'em all.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

p.s. I *love* non-sticky leather grips. (Sticky grips? Ga-ross). And those sunny tire rims and that vanilla-bean paint job?